Valheim Makes Sure Trolls Get Staggered in Update 0.208.1; Patch Notes Here

Valheim Patch 0.203.10
Valheim Patch 0.203.10 Steam

Valheim, the survival and sandbox game by indie studio Iron Gate AB, received an important update today. The patch is mostly focused on bug fixing so that the gaming experience is better. Some QoL changes have been made as well.

The bug where trolls won’t be staggered has been addressed. From now on, they should be staggered as expected. Items will be automatically stacked if the player picks up their tombstone. The patch fixes the bug where an item will be bought twice if a gamepad is used. Keyboard and gamepad hints for the inventory screen have been added as well. When upgrading, the selected item will now be remembered by the Upgrade function.

You can read the patch notes below:

  • Fixed a bug where trolls would not get staggered correctly sometimes
  • Map key legend fixes and remove map icon gamepad mapping set to LB
  • Various small fixes to Frost Cave rooms
  • Fixed a bug related to pausing after being in debugmode and changing server
  • Upgrade function will now remember the selected object when upgrading
  • Fixed a bug where the split stack number sometimes would not be visible on high resolutions
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes smelters would not always use the correct amount of coal
  • Fixed some items not being covered in snow
  • Hotbar selection marker now more visible on light backgrounds when using gamepad
  • The "resetsharedmap" console command added and various devcommands improvements
  • Buying items from the trader on gamepad no longer buys twice, plus some interface tweaks
  • Keyboard and gamepad hints for inventory screen
  • Picking up your tombstone will now try to stack items
  • Fixed an issue where tombstones sometimes would be unreachable in Swamp trees

The complete patch notes are available on Steam as well.

Valheim is available on Microsoft Windows and Linux. You can purchase the game on Steam for only $19.99. The game is currently in Early Access, meaning that you should expect some bugs.

So what do you think? Are you interested in any of these changes? Have you been playing Valheim recently? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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