Valheim: Fishing System Vastly Improved in Beta Patch 0.213.3

Beta Patch 0.213.3
Beta Patch 0.213.3 Twitter/@Valheimgame

There’s a pretty hefty update for Valheim that you might want to check out. You can play it by heading to Steam and downloading it from the “BETAS” tab.

Anyway, Valheim Beta Patch 0.213.3 implements a ton of improvements, most notably to the game’s fishing system. But before that, this update also introduces the Fishing Hat. This thing boosts your fishing and swim stats by 20 points, turning you into a true and seasoned fisherman.

Now for the improvements to the fishing system. One of the most noteworthy is that fish in Valheim will no longer despawn when far away. They might swim away from you for a short while, but they can potentially swim back to you if you’re patient enough.

Moreover, fish on higher tiers now provide you with more Raw Fish. Besides that, there’s a small chance that they’ll give you extra materials, as long as you’re able to reel them in successfully.


  • Fish found in Ice Caves now respawn correctly
  • Fishing bait is now returned if pulled in without fish or when recasting
  • Fishing bait recipes now take basic fishing bait instead of previous biome fish
  • Fishing bait recipes, and the fishing bait sold from Haldor is now 20 instead of 40 (This change was made due to the fishing bait return change mentioned above)
  • Fish will now try to escape when hooked. (Fish will wobble and splash in the water when they try to escape, which increases the stamina usage when pulling in. When they’re not trying to escape, the stamina usage for pulling in is reduced)
  • Tetra can now spawn at higher levels correctly
  • Tuna now only spawn in the Ocean biome
  • Higher-level fish only jump in the Ocean biome
  • Slightly increased skill gain when fishing
  • Fixed a bug where players received the “Fail to connect” message instead of “Server full” when trying to join a full PlayFab server
  • Fixed a bug where PlayFab accidentally signed in twice
  • Major improvements in how the game handles multiplayer sessions when going offline/disconnect. (It now tries more often to succeed with creating lobbies/relog compared to previously)
  • Added a pop-up message when players are trying to start a server when they’re not signed in correctly (i.e. being offline in some way)
  • Added support for non-crossplay PlayFab servers, and Xbox network users without the “Crossplay privilege” can only host and join non-crossplay supported servers
  • Added new server parameter that server owners can use if they want to run multiple dedicated servers using the same MAC-address in order to get unique PlayFab IDs for every server

Valheim Beta Patch 0.213.3 is available on PC.

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