VALHALL Harbinger Update 0.7.1: Bug Fixes, New Content, and More

VALHALL: Harbinger update
VALHALL: Harbinger update steam

VALHALL: Harbinger has a new update that features new content and bug fixes. The addition of fire arrows now allows players to damage other buildings. The arrow starts out unlit, and to put it on fire, you will have to find a source like a torch. Then, you will have to place the arrow’s head over the fire source for a short duration to ignite it. While players can use these arrows to burn down buildings over time, the fire will go out on its own as normal.

VALHALL: Harbinger Pre-Beta 0.7.1 Patch

  • Added arrows type switch option.
  • Added animal fat for crafting fire arrows.
  • Added fence.
  • Added gates.
  • Added double-leaf gates opening.
  • Added a new campfire and increased its lightning area.
  • Added AI logic for reaction to ranged attacks when they roam.
  • Added building objects skin selection.
  • Added canceling a construction object for placement when it is selected (respectively, with an equipped hammer). RMB by standard.
  • Fixed attack range of the bear.
  • Fixed footsteps' sound depending on surface on survival map.
  • Fixed the disappeared ability to interact with arrows stuck in the surface (trees, objects, etc.).
  • Fixed bots in deathmatch and the weapon test began to look down quite often during the battle.
Main Known Issues
  • Customized weapon equipment doesn't work correctly after the latest inventory rework.
  • Crouch is temporarily disabled.
  • Swapping can bug after dual wielding, reconnect to fix.
  • Latency has a big influence on the block.
  • In rare cases, the game process doesn't finish on its own for a long time.
  • Characters don't play movement animations correctly. We need to fix upper body bone rotation during movement animations.
Future Changes
  • New Survival elements and features.
  • Combat and block improvements.
  • Neutral animals.
  • Survival servers return from maintenance.
  • New items and gathering options.
  • New characters and equippable armor.
  • Bots logic upgrades.
  • Other combat improvements and bug fixes.
Some bugs can appear due to conflict with temp/saved files of previous VALHALL versions on PC.
If you meet an unlisted issue then:
  • Delete all game saves here: C:/Users/ YourName/ AppData/Local/ VALHALL
  • Uninstall the game through Steam
  • Manually delete the game folder in the Steam folder

You can read more about the update here.

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