UploadVR Formally Announces E3 VR Showcase

Showcasing the best and the future of the VR gaming industry.
The E3 VR Showcase will highlight the VR industry, as presented by UploadVR.
The E3 VR Showcase will highlight the VR industry, as presented by UploadVR. UploadVR

For the first time in E3 history, VR will be coming in headstrong with its own presentation.

The announcement comes from UploadVR, publication GamesBeat’s syndication partner. It may surprise some to learn that while VR started and found its roots on PC, it was the PlayStation that made it a much bigger platform, with the release of the PlayStation VR. Unfortunately, Sony is already confirmed as a no-show for this year’s biggest event for gaming, so someone needs to fill in that void; that is where UploadVR comes in.

UploadVR has announced the E3 VR Showcase in a trailer yesterday, and from a first impression, this basically looks like a Nintendo Direct, but for virtual reality. The show will be prerecorded and features the newest VR games, trailers, and chats plus interview with various VR developers. The show will be broadcast in the same vein as PC Gamer’s PC Gaming Show, another E3 presentation that is put on by the media in lieu of the usual platform holders or game publishers.

UploadVR senior editor Jamie Feltham has sent his thoughts on the upcoming showcase with an email sent to Venturebeat.

“Developers persist in this space despite an install base which didn’t meet the expectations of many investors. It’s really got to where it is today off the hard work of developers who, in many cases, sacrificed a lot to continue exploring this space. Financial support from Sony, Oculus, Valve and others is an obvious factor, but determination and innovation from creators plays a big part," Feltham wrote. "Superhot VR sold more than its original version because the idea worked even better in VR. Beat Saber got to where it was because it made people feel like a bad-ass dancing Jedi, something they can’t do anywhere else. There are more stories to tell, which our showcase wants to cover.”

Feltham also notes that since Sony is missing at this year’s E3, it will be up to UploadVR to give developers a spotlight and an E3 audience. “I think our opportunity here is more to do with VR developers not seeing their incredible work amplified,” he said. “Sony has done a great job at past E3s, but it can’t cover the entire industry; one of my favorite games of 2019, The Fisherman’s Tale, never made it into any Sony showcase, for example. But it’s true that with Sony now absent from the lineup, there’s more of a need than ever to shine a light on VR at E3.”

The E3 VR Showcase is set to air at 12 p.m. EDT on June 10 on the VentureBeat YouTube channel.

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