Upcoming MMORPG Mad World Considering Crowdfunding

The poll is out now on Twitter for Mad World fans who want to participate.
Should Mad World launch a crowdfunding campaign? Vote in the Twitter Poll linked below!
Should Mad World launch a crowdfunding campaign? Vote in the Twitter Poll linked below! Jandisoft

In a refreshing turn of events, the developers behind the upcoming 2D MMORPG Mad World have turned to their fan-base before making a decision regarding launching a crowdfunding campaign for their game.

In the tweet, Mad World developer Jandisoft said "We are reviewing the idea of launching a crowdfunding campaign to make Mad World better. Yes or No?" So far, there have been a little less than 300 votes at the time of writing, but the poll has two days to go before we find out the results. However, based on the overwhelming responses to the tweet above, it seems there's plenty of support from the community to launch a crowdfunding campaign, but there are still quite a few with more reserved opinions.

Mad World is a 2D MMORPG that is, in a lot of ways, kind of like Ragnarok Online. When the original Ragnarok Online MMORPG launched back in 2002, nobody could have guessed that it would turn into an international phenomenon with millions of players worldwide. Of course, as technology got better, so did MMOs. Ragnarok Online was overshadowed by 3D MMORPGs built upon rich worlds and compelling stories. With Mad World, we could potentially see a revival of the genre, especially since the game will be employing modern mechanics, systems, and even graphics while staying true to 2D.

Especially after all the news about gaming studios trading in the love and respect of their fans for a big fat paycheck courtesty of Epic Games, it's refreshing to find developers that still poll their community for big decisions like this. While crowdfunding has seen some major successes, especially in the gaming industry, there's also plenty of reason to see how crowdfunding could screw things up. Take the recent example of the failed Barkley 2 crowdfunding campaign that's been anticipating release since 2013.

What do you think about Jandisoft's poll regarding a crowdfunding campaign? If you're familiar with the game, then we'd like to know what you think about the potential risks and rewards for crowdfunding a 2D MMORPG like Mad World. Leave us your thoughts in the comments section below!

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