'Until Dawn: Rush Of Blood' Trailer Features New Gameplay And Developer Commentary

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood
Until Dawn: Rush of Blood Photo: Sony / Supermassive

A new trailer for Until Dawn: Rush of Blood debuted over the weekend, via the EU PlayStation Blog, offering a bit of new gameplay footage alongside commentary from the Until Dawn: Rush of Blood dev team. But you can still count us among the many fans who don’t understand why one of 2015’s best narrative experiences is being transformed into a shooting gallery for PlayStation VR.

Until Dawn was easily one of the best story-focused games to emerge last year, on any platform, blending traditional adventure game mechanics with a branching storyline unlike anything we’ve experienced in the last few years. The game followed a group of teenagers trapped at a ski lodge, giving the player the chance to make decisions that ultimately determined which kids would still be alive the next morning. It was the perfect blend of horror tropes, traditional gameplay and a little something new. One year later, Supermassive Games has nearly finished its first follow-up to Until Dawn . But Rush of Blood doesn’t share much in common with its predecessor.

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood trades the spooky houses and snow-covered mountains of the first game for an amusement park setting that, admittedly, does feel a bit more appropriate, given all the action on rails. From what we can tell, the action in Supermassive’s first PlayStation VR game will all be set on roller coasters. To complete each track, players will shoot dozens of zombies or scary clowns or whatever the bad guy is in this one. The trailer doesn’t really make it clear. All we know is Until Dawn: Rush of Blood seems to be a strange combination of the shooting galleries we keep seeing in VR and the roller coaster simulators that were popular several years ago.

For a closer look at Until Dawn: Rush of Blood , take a few minutes to check out the new trailer from Sony and Supermassive Games. Then head down to the comments section and let us know whether or not you’re planning to get Until Dawn: Rush of Blood when it debuts next month.

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood is in development exclusively for PlayStation VR. The game is expected to debut on Oct. 13.

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