The Unearned Hype Podcast: Episode 18 - Report Card Day

Splatoon 2

We’re back with another episode The Unearned Hype Podcast!

This week’s show is a lot shorter than our normal recordings. The first 15-20 minutes of Episode 18 covers Hori’s recently revealed Splatoon 2 headset, since it’s  the only big, non-bummer news of the week. Ever the optimist, Phil isn’t convinced that this will be the go-to solution for all Switch games. He’s pretty sure it’ll be one-off solution, potentially one that only even works with Splatoon 2. And ever the pessimist, I’m pretty sure this is the first sign Nintendo still doesn’t understand what this whole “online gaming” thing is really about. It’s hardly the kind of mistake that would get us to write off the entire platform. But seeing Nintendo rely on such a convoluted “solution” to voice chat -- for one of the biggest Switch games of the year, no less -- does seem like the sort of thing to be concerned about.

We also wrap up the show with a short but earnest request for feedback. We’ve been growing pretty steadily over the last few months but we haven’t heard anything from you guys. And that’s making it kind of difficult for us to plan upcoming content. We’d love to get a better idea of what you’d like us to record during the industry’s annual pilgrimage to Los Angeles. If you have some predictions for E3 2017, send them to and there’s a good chance you’ll hear them on the next episode. And if you’ve got any feedback about our existing episodes or topic requests for future shows, we’d love to hear them.

We’ve included YouTube and SoundCloud archives of this week's show and we’ll continue to do so with each new episode. You can also watch us record the show every week on Twitch. We usually record at 1 p.m. EDT every Wednesday, barring scheduling conflicts. You can even listen to The Unearned Hype Podcast on iTunes. Just remember to click the Subscribe button (and/or leave a review!) if you like what you hear.

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