Undead Horde 2: Necropolis Update 0.9.1 - Part Three Now Available!

Undead Horde 2: Necropolis Update 0.9.1
Undead Horde 2: Necropolis Update 0.9.1 Steam

Undead Horde 2: Necropolis received a major update that introduced Part Three and Anvil, along with several bug fixes.

Part Three

Players can finally progress to the third part of the game, brought by this patch. Now, players can easily meet interesting individuals such as pirates with their cannons and other Winterlands inhabitants.

The Anvil

This is the crafting feature that combines items, and is unlockable at the Elven Palace. The primary items determine the main function and the first affix. The secondary item is used to populate the needed affixes, while the power item determines the rarity and power level of the item.

Undead Horde 2: Necropolis Update 0.9.1

  • Allowed scrolling changelog with gamepad right thumb.
  • Added upgrade card reset (unlockable from Winterlands).
  • Hiding active talents button when no talents active.
  • Fixed necro shield blocking incoming negative effects.
  • Quick set items to/from stash with gamepad button.
  • Monospaced leaderboard scores.
  • Increased Necrodome's building cost.
  • Necrodome quest gives XP instead of Gold as reward.
  • Reduced Skeleton Archer's range with Reach-talent to match enemy Watchtowers' range.
  • Fixed building upgrade screen flashing next description on click.
  • Prevented interrupt from some larger enemies.
  • Added cooldown info to staves etc.
  • Clarified haste rune description.
  • Bleeding & Juggernaut Affix added.
  • Rune Cooldown affix removed, replaced by Rune Power affix.
  • 2 Skeleton Talents removed (Wrath of the Dead, March of the Dead).
  • 2 Skeleton Bard talents added (Epic Solo, Undead Beat).
  • Reworked Weapon Mastery talent (Death Knight).
  • Reworked Royal Curse talent (Mummy).
  • Balanced a few other talents.
  • Reduced Rune of Power's power.
  • Showing number of secrets left under minimap.
  • Increased Bard's range by 50%.
  • Improved casters' targeting logic.
  • Fixed necropolis dwellers being pushed by horde when in dialogue.
  • Added custom mouse cursor option to gfx options.
  • Added num killed stat to monsterpedia.
  • Only some ice is meltable.
  • Gelatinous Cubes no longer stun, but will poison you instead.
  • Blocked cheated profiles from sending leaderboard scores.
  • Unit info view tweaks.
  • Fixed unit info overlay from horde info staying over bug report screen.
  • Units move away from buried treasures being uncovered.
  • Rotated elf buildings and some watchtowers to prevent items flying into unreachable locations.
  • Fixed teleporting away from first level before veinpoints discovered.

You can read more about the patch notes here.

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