Ultra Kaijua Monster Rancher Now Available on Nintendo Switch

They're finally here!
They're finally here! Bandai Namco

Do you think you have what it takes to train monsters? You finally get the chance to prove it with Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher. The game is now available as a digital download on Nintendo Switch.

If you think the title sounds familiar, that’s because the game is a mix of two well-known franchises. The first is the multimedia icon and pop culture sensation Ultraman. The second is Monster Rancher, the game where players collect unique monsters and train them for competition.

In Ultra Kaiju Monster Rancher, players are given the role of an up-and-coming rancher who raises, befriends, and trains Ultra Kaiju for competition. The game offers at least 200 kinds of Kaiju, including combination variations for everyone to collect. Players can also even synthesize monsters to come up with all-new-looking Kaiju.

In addition, there are also unique movements from Ultra Kaiju not usually seen in past works. The game more than sets the stage for epic clashes of monstrous proportions that brings to mind the classic Ultraman bouts.

In a statement, Bandai Namco Entertainment Producer Kentaro Matano shared that they’re excited for fans of the two franchises to discover more about the game, from raising and befriending Kaiju to getting them to compete. Matano added that they were indeed able to develop what may be the ultimate crossover title for monster fans of all ages.

Ultraman and Monster Rancher

The Ultraman franchise had its start with the release in 1966 of Ultra Q. The one fans are most likely familiar with is Ultraman, released as well in 1966. The reason was this one had the actual Ultraman character.

Meanwhile, the first Monster Rancher game came out in 1997, and since then, has grown into 14 titles; the game is often compared to Pokémon. There are indeed similarities considering that the goal is also to have monsters fight in tournaments. The main difference is that it isn't about collecting monsters, but more on simulated animal breeding in-game. That means players have to raise a monster, train it, and make sure that it’s ready when the fight starts. Monster Rancher is available on various platforms, such as PC, Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS.

There's no question that the combination of these two franchises is indeed exciting. Learn more about Ultra Kiaju Monster Rancher here.

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