Ultra Age Free DLC Rebirth Project Now Available on PC

Switch and PS4 versions coming at a later date.
ultra age rebirth project
The free DLC Rebirth Project is now available for Ultra Age on PC via Steam. PS4 and Switch versions will be released at a later date. DANGEN Entertainment

Publishers Intragames and DANGEN Entertainment and developers Next Stage and Visual Dart have now released the Ultra Age DLC Rebirth Project for free on PC via Steam. The free DLC will be making its way to other platforms – PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch – at a later date, although the actual release date has not been confirmed. The free DLC adds a new roguelike level to the action game, as well as some gameplay changes and balances. Check out the trailer for the Rebirth Project below.

The trailer shows off the main draw of the Rebirth Project, the infinite labyrinth which adds a layer of roguelike elements to Ultra Age. Age, the game’s protagonist, finds himself stuck in this infinite labyrinth, and the only way out is to push forward, defeating hordes of challenging enemies on different floors.

According to the official page, Rebirth Project kicks off when Age was suddenly teleported by an unknown force to a hidden laboratory while exploring a portal in the Frontier Shelter. The laboratory tests the strength and growth of creatures, recording their capabilities over time while strengthening their shortcomings. These subjects would then become beings who seek perfection; Age himself is forced to participate as he becomes a reincarnation constantly reborn until he completes the experiment.

Besides the Rebirth level, the DLC also adds a complete rework of existing weapons in the game, as detailed in the trailer. The specific Rebirth level also makes changes to the synastries of both Katana and Claymore. Since the Katana is strong only against living creatures, and the Claymore is most effective against robots, their values have been changed so players will not feel any disadvantages when using either outside of their specialties. This is especially useful as Age fights more and more powerful enemies in the Rebirth Project.

The longer Age survives, the stronger he also gets, thanks to an effect called Synergy. The Modules introduced to the game have also been expanded and refined, now offering special cosmetic effects and more powerful combos that were not possible in the original game.

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