Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts Update v1.06 Features Continuous Campaign and Citadel Improvements

Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts
Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts Steam

Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts is a ship-building strategy game where you can develop your ships and use them to fight against nations you’re at war with. The game received its major content patch recently, a pretty good one.

One of the hallmark features of Update v1.06 is the continuous campaign. Instead of putting you at war with a particular nation at the start of a campaign, you’ll now begin at a selected year with no immediate wars happening. This changes if certain conditions are met, such as having low naval prestige or when 50% of your provinces are lost.

Continuous Campaign
Continuous Campaign Steam

In addition, new mechanics are introduced during peacetime. They are:

  • Random events: Events in which you must make a decision that will affect relations with other nations and other aspects of gameplay. This is a work-in-progress functionality that will expand further.
  • Tension: Tension will be produced mainly between nations with bad relations having a stronger fleet than necessary in common waters. Tension affects bilateral relations and can slowly bring nations to war.
  • Alliances: If two nations have good relations up to +99, then special events can trigger alliance agreements. Nations in an alliance will fight their enemies together as it happens in Update v1.05.
  • War: If two nations have bad relations up to -99, special events can trigger a war between them. Other nations will immediately pick a side according to what were their previous relations and modify relations accordingly. This large modification of relations can immediately trigger new alliances and force other nations to enter the war.
  • Negotiations for Peace: When eventually a peace agreement is signed and war reparations are shared for the victors, money, ships, and provinces are transferred accordingly to the nations (previously the game just ended). While there is no land conquering mechanic yet, the province exchange via war reparations will be somewhat exaggerated.
  • Economic Cycles : During prolonged wars, the GDP will suffer greatly and the economic growth accordingly. After the war, it will need much time to recover financially, especially if you were defeated and lost provinces.

The latest content patch for Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts also brought a more detailed Citadel. Essentially, how you lay out your guns and funnels affects the length of the citadel. The strength of each section is dependent on the layout of the main guns as well. For example, the middle section of the citadel is more damage-resistant compared to the edges of the ship.

New Design Functionalities
New Design Functionalities Steam

Update v1.06 also introduces new guns and various gameplay improvements. You can read the full changelog on Steam.

Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts is available on PC.

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