Ubisoft Releases Special Operation 4 Patch for Ghost Recon Wildlands

Special Operations 4
Special Operations 4 Ubisoft Ghost Recon

Ubisoft has released the details for Special Operation 4, an update for Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands. Set to be released tomorrow, February 27, this will be the final update for Year 2.

Players with the Year 2 pass receive an Active Duty Pack along with Special Operation 4. The pack contains the Pencott LN weapon camo, UMP45 submachine gun, and the Blast Face Shield facewear.

Active Duty Pack for Year 2 Pass Holders
Active Duty Pack for Year 2 Pass Holders Ubisoft Ghost Recon

The patch introduces new Ghost War content focused on PvP, including like two new maps. Two new PvP events are included as well. The first is Arms Race, an event where players spawn carrying only pistols and need to explore to map in order to find better and more powerful weapons. The second event is Danger Zone, which features periodic ultrasonic blasts that can hit unsuspecting players, forcing them to always be on the move.

A new PvP class is also introduced: the Sapper. This support class is capable of deploying a specialized drone that can shoot concussion mines. The mines suppress players while draining their stamina.

Sapper Support Class
Sapper Support Class Ubisoft Ghost Recon

Players might be happy to know that the patch introduces a new gameplay mode called Geurilla Mode. Available for solo or co-op play, this mode expands the PvE experience of the game by testing the endurance, skills, and tactics of players.

In Geurilla mode, players need to defend a chosen location against an increasing wave of enemies from Unidad and Cartel enemies. Before each wave begins, players are given the chance to choose weapons and attachments through a preparation phase.

Completing waves earns players XP, Tier points, and even Prestige Credits. Completing all 25 waves gives players access to exclusive gear.

In a Q&A with Content Director and Lead Developer of Guerilla Mode, Stephane Boudon, he revealed that the development team wanted "to provide content for our hardcore players that like a challenge." Making the Guerilla Mode unique is the progression system, as players need to make tactical choices when it comes to weapons, parts, and the like.

The update is available on PC, XBox One, and PlayStation 4. Sizes of the patch are 19.7 GB on the PC, 18.4 GB for Xbox One, and 20.3 GB on PS4. Special Operation 4 Patch Notes can be viewed here.

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