Ubisoft Finally Considers Nerfing Lesion

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If you're a Rainbow Six Siege player, you already know how often Lesion has dodged the nerf hammer, while his allies were constantly being adjusted. Well, it seems Ubisoft is considering tweaking the 2-speed 2-armor defender sometime in the future.

Ubisoft recently released the Y4S4.3 patch that brought the nerf to three powerful defenders - Echo, Jäger, and Maestro. However, some people were surprised that Lesion was left untouched. In my opinion, Lesion is one of the most versatile operators in Siege. He's got his trusty invisible GU mines to provide him intel and super accurate T-5 SMG. He is also one of the most picked and banned operators in higher ranks and pro leagues. Lesion only becomes powerful as the round progresses, giving him up to eight GU mines to cover entry points or watch his flanks. The operator has gone a year without any changes and now it seems that the developers are looking at finally making some updates.

In the designer's notes, Ubisoft stated that "Lesion is currently over-picked and performs really well as you can see in the Defender’s graphic. He can often be quite frustrating to play against, which is why he is also target by Operator bans.” The post continues, saying “We are looking into fine-tuning him to reduce both his effectiveness and frustration."

People have been expressing how they want to change Lesion and balance him out across multiple social media platforms. Some say that the GU mines should stop dealing damage after some time, just like how Dokkaebi's phone call stops if not switched off. Others suggest that Lesion shouldn't be able to see his mines through walls after deploying them. Although Ubisoft hasn't shared how it intends to balance the dominant defender, it's still good to know that we'll soon see Lesion becoming less frustrating to face.

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