Ubisoft Apologizes For Using Controversial Symbol In Elite Squad

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The opening cinematic for Tom Clancy's Elite Squad has raised some serious controversies. In the first cutscene, the villains are depicted with a fist symbol, which is commonly associated with modern movements like Black Lives Matter. Ubisoft apologized and acknowledged that the use and inclusion of the imagery in its game "was insensitive and harmful" and the company has promised to remove it from the game on September 1 with an update.

Ubisoft's full apology regarding the situation began with acknowledging what the company calls the "raised fist" symbol. The apology stated that the use of the symbol was harmful and insensitive in two ways. Firstly, the decision to use the symbol was already wrong, and secondly, the context of the symbol's use was also wrong.

Even though Ubisoft has been apologizing for the entire scenario, many people are still displeased that a company like Ubisoft allowed a sensitive situation like this to occur in the first place. However, it's good to see that Ubisoft has responded to the situation promptly and is doing its best in fixing the mistake.

In addition to the raised fist symbol, Tom Clancy's Elite Squad is also being criticized for its story, which involves the use of a planned pandemic and a group of special forces fighting against anti-government antagonists. Tom Clancy's Elite Squad was in development before the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic crippled the world, therefore it's tough to argue whether or not Ubisoft was approving of the theme presented in the game.

The removal of the raised fist symbol from Elite Squad could possibly be the end of the issue on Ubisoft's part, but it's certainly not going to be the same for a portion of Ubisoft fans and the majority of the gaming community in general.

Tom Clancy's Elite Squad is available on Android and iOS.

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