'Tyranny' PC Mage Build: Complete List Of Spells, Core, Accent And Expression Sigils

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Tyranny is a game about choice, a theme that’s embedded deeply into the combat mechanics. In Tyranny you gain experience in skills by using them, so for a mage build, you’ll want to use the spells in whatever school of magic you want to master. If you never use a spell, its school of magic never shows up on your character sheet, so XP from quests is never distributed towards your skill rank there.

You can also increase your skill rank in Tyranny and improve your mage build by recruiting certain trainers from your Spires, which we’ve also listed below. Higher skill values increase the chance of Hit and Crit, as well as having additional benefits based on the school of magic itself.

It’s worth noting that along with skill rank in a school of magic, the single most important attribute for a mage is Lore, which determines how powerful a spell you can build and assign, whether or not you can learn certain runes at all, and how much damage your attack does. Wits is secondary, as it increases your spell strength and magic defense. Third is Quickness, which reduces your cooldown and lets you fire spells faster.   

Here’s a list of each school of magic and what it does.

  • Control Atrophy: Extend duration of Atrophy’s effect on enemies

  • Control Emotion: Extend duration of Emotion’s affect on enemies

  • Control Fire: Increase hits and crits

  • Control Force: Increase hits and crits

  • Control Frost: Increase hits and crits

  • Control Gravelight: Drain more health from enemies

  • Control Illusions: Extend duration of Illusions’ effect on enemies and allies

  • Control Life: Increase the amount of health restored with a single spell

  • Control Lightning: Increase hits and crits

  • Control Stone: Increase hits and crits

  • Control Vigor: Extend duration of Vigor’s bonuses to allies

Here is a list of Core, Expression and Accent sigils. Not every Expression or Accent is available to every Core, so experimentation is highly encouraged to see what Accents can enhance which spells.

Core Sigils

  • Sigil of Atrophy: robs target of vital energy, crippling body and mind

  • Sigil of Illusion: misdirect and confuse enemies

  • Sigil of Life: healing spells

  • Sigil of Frost: frost spells

  • Sigil of Force: push and knock enemies onto the ground

  • Sigil of Terratus: use gravelight to leech energy from targets, draining them and healing yourself

  • Sigil of Stone: rock spells

  • Sigil of Lightning: electric spells

  • Sigil of Fire: fire spells

  • Sigil of Vigor: buff spells

  • Sigil of Emotions: creates conditions from apathy to blinding rage

Expression Sigils

  • Sigil of Focused Intent: Spells that affect single targets near the caster. Lore+15

  • Sigil of Distant Impact: Used to create spells that affect distant targets. Lore+30

  • Sigil of Channeled Strength: Used to create spells that affect targets within a cone in front of the caster. Lore+40

  • Sigil of Chaotic Descent: Used to create spells that affect random targets within a circular area. Lore+100

  • Sigil of Directed Force: Used to create spells that travel forward in a path, affecting multiple targets. Lore+70

  • Sigil of Material Force: Used to create spells that alter the target’s weapon

Accent Sigils

  • Sigil of Strength: Increases spell strength. I = Lore+20, II = Lore+30, III = Lore+40

  • Sigil of Reaching Grasp: Increases spell range. I = Lore+10, II = Lore+20, III = Lore+30

  • Sigil of Limitless Boundaries: Increases the area a spell affects. III = Lore+45

  • Sigil of Timeless Form: Increases duration of spell affects. III = Lore+35

  • Sigil of Bounding Bolts: Allows spells to bounce. II = Lore+50

  • Sigil of Precise Action: Increases spell accuracy. IV = Lore+45

  • Sigil of Cyclical Energies: Reduces cooldown on spells. I = Lore+10, II = Lore+20, III = Lore+30

  • Sigil of Piercing Strength: Increases armor penetration. I = Lore+25, II = Lore+35, III = Lore+45

  • Sigil of Staggering Force: Allows spells to interrupt. I = Lore+25, II = Lore+35, III = Lore+45

  • Sigil of Blood Magic: Greatly increases damage of spells but hurts you when you cast them. Lore+20

  • Sigil of Focused Rain: Reduces area of Chaotic Descent spells, but increases the number of projectiles they conjure. Lore+25

  • Sigil of Stunning: Adds Stunned affliction to Lightning spells. Lore+25

  • Sigil of Rapid Casting: Removes recovery time after casting Material Force and Guarded Form spells. Lore+25

  • Sigil of Marking: Adds Marked affliction to spells. Lore+25

  • Sigil of Bleeding: Adds Bleeding affliction to spells. Lore+25

  • Sigil of Volcanic Weapon: Causes Material Force spells to damage foes in a line. Lore+25

  • Sigil of Rooting: Adds Rooted affliction to Force and Atrophy spells. Lore+25

  • Sigil of Frostfire: Fuses elements of Frost and Fire together. Lore+30

  • Sigil of Spellsurge: Causes spells to reduce recovery for a short time after being cast. Lore+30

  • Sigil of Pride Magic: Causes Material Force and Guarded Form spells to only affect you, but become more powerful and last longer. Lore+35

Here are all the major spell combinations, their Lore requirements, the spell’s default name and what it does:  


  • Atrophy + Focused Intent: “Touch of Atrophy.” Saps target’s Might and Vitality. (Lore: 15)

  • Atrophy + Channeled Strength: “Crippling Coil.” Affected enemies are Rooted and have random beneficial effects removed. (Lore: 40)

  • Atrophy + Chaotic Descent: “Acid Rain.” Causes foul rain to pour from the sky. Enemies struck by the rain are Poisoned and receive stacking penalty to Endurance. (Lore: 100)

  • Atrophy + Directed Force: “Withering Cloud.” Cloud travels forth, Weakening and Silencing enemies it passes through. (Lore: 70)


  • Illusion + Focused Intent: “Spectral Blur.” Makes target harder to hit. (Lore: 15)

  • Illusion + Distant Impact: “False Pit.” Conjures illusion of endless black pit below target, knocking them Prone until they make sense of the illusion. (Lore: 30)

  • Illusion + Channeled Strength: “Unravel Minds.” Overwhelm the minds of nearby foes, Stunning and Dazing them. (Lore: 40)

  • Illusion + Directed Force: “Mischievous Mass.” Conjure a wave of illusionary chaos. Enemies caught in the effect are Blinded, Confused and Frightened. (Lore: 70)


  • Life + Focused Intent: “Restoring Touch.” Heal a target. (Lore: 15)

  • Life + Distant Impact: “Healing Wisps.” Tiny bolts of Life energy restore a large amount of health to the target. (Lore: 30)


  • Frost + Focused Intent: “Frozen Grasp.” Leaves target Frozen for a time. (Lore: 15)

  • Frost + Distant Impact: “Rimespike.” Form a massive spike of ice beneath a target, impaling and Freezing them. (Lore: 30)

  • Frost + Channeled Strength: “Icicle Storm.” Spray icy shards in a cone. Each hit pierces Armor and deals Frost damage. (Lore: 40)

  • Frost + Directed Force: “Path of Frost.” Jagged line of frozen spikes jets forth, Freezing enemies in its path. (Lore: 70)

  • Frost + Material Force: “Freezing Grip.” Coat target’s weapon in frost, causing attacks to deal additional Frost damage and slow enemy Movement speed. (Lore: 50)


  • Force + Distant Impact: “Concussive Bolt.” Bombard distant target with concussive forces that Dazes and Interrupts them. (Lore: 30)

  • Force + Channeled Strength: “Tidal Burst.” A pulse of directed force blasts enemies and pushes them back, Dazing affected enemies. (Lore: 40)


  • Terratus + Focused Intent: “Gravegrasp.” Sap health from your target, Paralyzing them. (Lore: 15)

  • Terratus + Distant Impact: “Phantombolt.” Strike a target with a bolt of energy that drains health from target and converts it to health for caster. (Lore: 30)

  • Terratus + Channeled Strength: “Terratus Light.” Release burst of Gravelight energy. Enemies take Arcane damage. Bane take greater damage and are Dazed. (Lore: 40)

  • Terratus + Material Force: “Vampiric Weapon.” Attacks with weapon have chance to drain health from target to caster. More effective against Bane. (Lore: 50)


  • Stone + Focused Intent: “Flesh to Stone.” Coat enemy in rock, Petrifying them. Spell is inaccurate. (Lore: 15)

  • Stone + Distant Impact: “ Stone Spike.” Send jagged spike of earth flying towards your foe. Spike Interrupts foe and deals Pierce or Crush damage, whichever is greater. (Lore: 30)

  • Stone + Chaotic Descent: “Jaws of the Earth.” Series of jagged spikes rip through the ground in an area. Enemies struck are impaled, causing Piercing damage and Bleeding. (Lore: 100)

  • Stone + Directed Force: “Giant Boulder.” Summon a giant boulder and send it hurtling forward. Boulder deals Crush damage and leaves enemies Prone. (Lore: 70)

  • Stone + Material Force: “Crag Weapon.” Enemies struck by this weapon take additional Crush damage and are knocked prone on Crits. (Lore: 50)


  • Lightning + Focused Intent: “Charged Fist.” Interrupts enemy and sends them flying back. (Lore: 15)

  • Lightning + Distant Impact: “Electric Jolt.” Electrocute target, dealing Shock damage and Stunning them. (Lore: 30)

  • Lightning + Channeled Strength: “Fulmination.” Release several waves of electric energy, charging enemies with Shock vulnerability. Following the final wave, unleash all contained energy on your foes in a violent surge of power. (Lore: 40)

  • Lightning + Chaotic Descent: “Thunderstorm.” Rains down lightning on enemies in an area. (Lore: 100)

  • Lightning + Directed Force: “Ball Lightning.” Slow-moving orb of electrical energy floats across field, emitting powerful burst of Shock damage whenever it passes through an enemy on all nearby foes. (Lore: 70)

  • Lightning + Material Force: “Static Charge.” Grants additional Shock damage to attacks and triggers electric explosions on Crits. (Lore: 50)


  • Fire + Focused Intent: “Searing Palm.” Target ignites in flames, Burning over time. (Lore: 15)

  • Fire + Distant Impact: “Fireball.” Strike target with bolt of flames, dealing Fire damage to them and any nearby enemies. (Lore: 30)

  • Fire + Channeled Strength: “Flash Fire.” A flash of flames burns nearby enemies, Interrupting them and leaving them Burning. (Lore: 40)

  • Fire + Chaotic Descent: “Scorching Missiles.” Fiery meteors rain from above and scatter across the battlefield. Those struck receive Fire or Crush damage, whatever is more effective. (Lore: 100)

  • Fire + Directed Force: “Twisting Flame.” Each enemy caught in the flame’s path takes Fire damage and is left Burning. (Lore: 70)

  • Fire + Material Force: “Ignite Brand.” All attacks cause additional Fire damage. (Lore: 50)


  • Vigor + Focused Intent: “Titan’s Touch.” Target gets bonus to Might and Vitality. (Lore: 15)

  • Vigor + Channeled Strength: “Surge of Glory.” Conjure a wave of invigorating energy. Affected allies gain bonus to Resolve and Damage dealt. (Lore: 40)

  • Vigor + Material Force: “Polish Arms.” Grants Armor Penetration to weapon attacks. (Lore: 50)


  • Emotions + Focused Intent: “Enrage Mind.” Causes ally to gain Enraged affliction, at the end of which they return to their former state. (Lore: 15)

  • Emotions + Distant Impact: “Taunting Jest.” Fills target with hatred and Taunts them to attack. (Lore: 30)

  • Emotions + Channeled Strength: “Wave of Despair.” Wash over enemies with wave of dispassionate energy. Affected enemies are Dazed, Fatigued and have reduced Movement speed. (Lore: 40)

Finally, here are some recruits that can help you achieve an optimum mage build in your Spires. Every level, you can pay these recruits to train you five skill ranks in anything. Use them to boost the effectiveness of your chosen mage build. You’ll need to build an upgrade on your spire before you can hire recruits. Some may or may not be available based on your choices in the Conquest.

Spire with Library upgrade

  • Eirena: A merchant with a collection of rare scrolls

  • Erastus: A master trainer who teaches Control Stone, Control Force and use of the Magic Staff

  • Sage Nerena [Conquest]: A master trainer who teaches Control Gravelight and Control Illusions

  • Noxia: A skill trainer who teaches Subterfuge and use of the Magic Staff

  • Puppet: A master trainer who teaches Control Fire and Control Emotions

  • Phila: A skill trainer who teaches Lore, Control Fire, Control Frost and Control Lightning

  • Lithos: A skill trainer who teaches Control Stone, Control Atrophy, and Control Force

Spire with Infirmary upgrade

  • Sage Euphera: A master trainer who teaches Lore, Control Life, and use of the Magic Staff

  • Bleak Anthem: A skill trainer who teaches Control Emotions, Control Life and use of the Magic Staff

Spire with Forge upgrade

  • Mire [Conquest]: A master trainer who teaches Control Fire and Control Atrophy

  • Nikostas: A skill trainer who teaches Control Fire, Control Frost, Control Lightning and Control Vigor

  • Pelagus: A master trainer who teaches Control Vigor and Control Stone

Spire with Training Ground upgrade

  • Sage Lumosa: A master trainer who teaches Control Frost, Control Lightning, Control Force and Control Illusions

  • Scar Fist: A master trainer who teaches Unarmed Attacks, Bows, Athletics and Control Vigor

Got any other tips for Mage Build or freshly discovered sigils? Feel free to point them out in our comments section below.

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