Two American Truck Simulator Events Extended to February 5

More time to finish the missions. SCS Software

SCS Software has extended two events in American Truck Simulator! The Cruising Kansas event along with the Christmas Winterland event are now ending on February 5. That means players now have additional time to complete both events and with it earn all the available rewards. After all, both events offer some unique in-game rewards.

Why the extension? In a post, the studio revealed that having two events run may be overwhelming for some players. The studio cited players who may have limited time or even had other commitments during the holidays. This is especially good news to those taking on the Cruising Kansas event. A total of 112 million miles have been completed so far, with the community goal being 125 million miles. Meanwhile for the Christmas Winterland event, the community goal had already been reached with all reward tiers unlocked. Players though still need to complete them personal goal to get the rewards.

Get to learn more about the Cruising Kansas event here. You can get details of the Christmas Winterland event here.

A Look Back

A while back, the studio also gave a quick update, through a post, on what's been happening in the game. It appears that indeed a lot has happened. There's been new expansions released along with new vehicles made available. New events have been launched with new features introduced. All of these enhanced the overall gaming experience. The studio also said that they were particularly happy with being able to strengthen the partnerships they had with various real brans which added authenticity to the games. In addition, these collabs also made the game more exciting.

Looking Forward

There's a lot to be excited for this year. One of these is the addition of a new state with is Missouri. No actual date has been revealed but there's a high change that it's going to be this year.

Once Missouri goes live, it's going to invite players to a region that's a mix of historical significance, natural beauty, and vibrant urban landscapes. Knowns as the "Show-Me State," Missouri is sure to make players happy with the diverse offerings.

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American Truck Simulator was released for the PC in February 2016. It's available through Steam.

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