Twitter Mourns Filthy Frank's Retirement

It's Filthy Frank mother fuckers!
It's Filthy Frank mother fuckers! YouTube

Filthy Frank, a.k.a. Pink Guy, Joji and George Miller, is officially done with comedy. On his Twitter account, the internet superstar released a statement saying he will no longer be making his old type of content citing health issues and a lack of interest in the process. Miller recently focused more on his serious music,but fans had hope that Filthy Frank, Salamander Guy and the rest of the Pink Guy mythos would continue. Sadly, it seems like that won’t be the case and fans all over the internet got together to honor the fallen meme.

I’ve been a huge fan of Filthy Frank ever since I discovered his videos. Pushing his own not-so politically correct agenda, getting pelted with chicken gizzards and traveling around the world making memes were just a few of his truly awe-inspiring moments. Pink Season , an ironic album sung from the point of a view of a psychopath, might be one of my favorite albums of 2017. “Nickelodeon Girls” and “Donald Trump” have become a litmus test for me, songs I’ll show to new acquaintances to see how strange they really are.

I’ve never been a huge fan of Miller’s Joji persona, my whiny emo music phase passed in high school. Still, I understand why he’s pursuing other passions. Eating ramen cooked in a washing machine or getting slapped by a man in a giant diaper can be challenging, especially when you always have to worry about topping your previous exploits. Filthy Frank was one of the largest YouTube channels with “anti-normie” ideology, meaning that the videos won’t make any money through advertisers. I’m sad to see Filthy Frank go, but I hope it’s not time to stop.

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