Twitch Streamer Mitch Jones Banned, Again

The moment Trainwreckstv entered the room...
The moment Trainwreckstv entered the room... Twitch via MitchJones

Mitch Jones, a Twitch streamer with a strange history on the platform has been banned, again. Jones started as a World Of Warcraft streamer in the early days of the platform, and gained traction after he became friends with streamer titan, Sodapoppin. Over the years, he’s quit or been banned streaming multiple times. Jones claimed that the stress started to ruin his life and to help offset this mentality, he shared a house with another streamer, Trainwreckstv, who is known best for his viral rant against women in November of 2017.

On Friday, Jones streamed from his car, where he laments about his life, his ex-girlfriend Mira, stress from. streaming and living with Trainwreckstv.

The two act like a dysfunctional couple: one minute they are best friends and the next they are screaming in each other’s faces. On a Friday night stream in his car, Trainwreckstv went off on Mitch, calling him abusive and saying, “Every time I got something big, I had 8 hours of an argument afterwards,” and that Jones said he could “ruin him.”

“Anything I told him was because I was trying to be his friend,” Jones said on stream after Trainwrecks came home. When Trainwrecks attempts to confront Jones, an argument breaks out and caused inappropriate donations to appear on stream. The next day, Jones’ account had been suspended, though it’s unclear how long the ban is actually for.

Jones looks like he will take some time off from streaming, which is probably for the best. He tends to gravitate towards drama, saying things that tend to piss off other prominent streamers. His relationship with Sodapoppin crumbled after he made a series of comments towards Soda’s then-girlfriend, which spurred a long series of events that ended with them ignoring each other.

Errob221, brother of League Of Legends streamer Tyler1, tweeted at Twitch Support about the insanity, right before the ban.

The whole thing is extremely childish and won’t matter in a couple of days. Reddit’s Livestreamfails is packed with Jones drama, many happy that he’s finally gone. Jones is one of Twitch’s drama fiends, desperate to make content but unaware how. He’s gathered this massive audience by being a normal guy, but as the streaming community grows, normal just doesn’t cut it anymore. I wish Jones the best of luck on his journey and expect to see him back on Twitch in a few months.

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