Twister Air Adds Augmented Reality to Classic Twister Game

A modern "twist" to a classic game. Amazon

Hasbro has revealed a new product that adds a "twist" to the classic Twister game. Calling it Twister Air, it's a new app-enabled game which lets you play this iconic game but without the need for a mat courtesy of augmented reality. It's coming to most major retailers this August 1 but pre-orders are now available on Amazon.

Twister Air moves that party from the floor to a smart device. Players can reach, clap, swipe, and even strike poses to the beat of the music as they try to earn points matching the wrist and ankle bands to the colored spots on the screen.

How to Play

To get things started, you first need to download the Twister app, free on iOS and Android. After that, place the smartphone or tablet on the Twister Air device stand.

Then, put on the colorful and stretchy Twister Air bands on your wrists and ankles. Follow the steps described in the Twister Air App to calibrate the bands to the camera of the device.

When the music plays, simply move and try to match bands to the colored spots appearing on the screen. There are three ways to play and these are Solo, VS or Teams modes.

In a statement, Adam Biehl of Hasbro Gaming shared that Twister has been a household name for many years and this version introduces augmented reality technology to the classic gameplay. He added that this is sure to give all kinds of players new and music-inspired experience.

Here are some of the features in Twister Air:

  • Limb tracking and color recognition technology, combined with classic Twister gameplay and the magic of AR.
  • Eight colorful, stretchy, and one-size-fits-most Twister Air bands for ankle and wrist movement detection.
  • An adjustable stand that holds any smartphone or tablet with a width of up to 9 inches.
  • A free-to-download Twister Air app (Android and iOS) to play the game.
  • In-app high score leaderboards, content capturing, how-to-play tutorials, and more.
  • Three different modes to play – Solo, VS, or Teams.
  • Compete against a friend or team in a shared screen face-off or play solo and try to beat a personal best.
  • A library with over 16 songs to move and play to.

What do you think? Excited about this one?

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