Twin Peaks 2016 News: Laura Dern Joins The Cast Of Season 3 On Showtime

Twin Peaks season 3 will premiere on Showtime in 2016, 25 years after the series first ended, just as the season finale promised. Showtime / Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks 2016, a name which is already a misnomer, just got another new cast member: Laura Dern, an old David Lynch favorite who is probably most famous for her role as Ellie Sattler in Jurassic Park. But no, she has the indie cred you’d expect of a Twin Peaks castmember, and she’s an exciting addition. Her role remains secret, but the Internet has—for reasons mysterious—decided that she’s playing Diane.



Laura Dern Joins Twin Peaks 2016


Laura Dern is officially joining the Showtime reboot of Twin Peaks, which honestly shouldn’t be too much of a surprise: The veteran actor is something of a staple in David Lynch movies. She’s in three David Lynch movies, starting with his classic Blue Velvet and including Wild at Heart and Inland Empire. So unlike a few other new cast members, like Amanda Seyfried, Laura Dern’s a known quantity for David Lynch. And that makes her role all the more exciting.

Alas, for now we don’t actually know her role. That’s not really a surprise: We don’t know the role for any of the new cast members, not yet. However, this time we’ve got a clue. TVLine broke the story that Dern is joining Twin Peaks, based on exclusive inside sources, and the story included the fun tidbit that Dern could be playing Diane, the person presumably on the other side of Cooper’s tape recorder. Now, TVLine only refers to this idea as “one tantalizing theory.” That suggests to me that their sources, who did know that Dern had been cast, didn’t actually know what role she would be playing themselves. That’s entirely plausible: Twin Peaks 2016 is a pretty secretive matter, and we don’t know a ton about it.

My only hesitation about Dern being cast as Diane is that the news would kill off one of my favorite Twin Peaks theories: That Diane is just his name for his tape recorder, and not a real person at all. Others hold that Diane is a figure of Cooper’s imagination. As TV Guide points out, the latter could still be true even if Dern is Diane… the former, not so much. But the theory never made a ton of sense in the first place, so I’m not too disappointed by it.

Twin Peaks 2016, as everyone keeps calling it even though it’s coming out in 2017 now, is shaping up nicely, and is currently in production in Washington. We can’t wait for more news to start trickling out!

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