Tweetbot's New Topics Feature Lets You Maneuver Around Twitter's 140 Character Limitation

Tweetbot has a new feature that tackles Twitter's 140 character limit for tweets. Flickr/marek.sotak

Twitter’s 140 character limit for tweets leaves users resorting to off-beat tactics when they want to share their thoughts with more words. For those looking for an easy way to share a tweet with more than 140 characters, Tweetbot’s new feature might be the trick.

The iOS/OS X Twitter client introduced a feature called Topics in the latest version of their app that allows users to tweet several related tweets and can also automatically add the same hashtags to the group of tweets for continuity. While this does not increase the 140 character per tweet limit, it does organize tweets of the same topic in a common string.

To use the new feature, click “Compose” when using Tweetbot and select the gear button to create a new topic, which can be added by selecting the “+” button. Then, add a title to the group of texts and an optional tweet-specific hashtag. Every tweet within this topic will show the title above the tweet and the hashtag at the end. Selecting the “Close” button on the upper left corner will let the user continue tweeting normally.

Tweetbot is a function that costs users $9.99 but for those who are held back by 140 characters, it can be essential. Earlier this year, there were rumors that Twitter may be expanding its tweet count but CEO Jack Dorsey came out to refute those claims. "It's a good constraint for us” said Dorsey in a Today Show interview in March. “It allows for of-the-moment brevity.”

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