Tropico 6 Update 15 Hotfix 2: Bug Fixes and Balancing Changes

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Tropico 6 recently received an update that brought tons of balancing changes and bug fixes. The last delivery quest is optional on map two, which means players don’t have to spend time playing this extra quest. The developers have added a hint for players telling them that the quest isn’t compulsory.

An issue where the festival effects remain even after the event expired has been resolved in this update. This issue was not game-breaking, but the players were able to exploit it by clearing multiple quests.

Tropico 6 Update 15 Hotfix 2

Festival DLC
  • Buildings under the effect of boredom can now be relocated
  • The overall boredom area growth rate has been reduced
  • Balanced balloon trade prices and production rate to make it a more viable commodity
  • The Festival campaign has been balanced to decrease overall difficulty
  • Map 2 and 5: Increased time limits for timed missions
  • Map 3 and 5: Reduced spawn rate of new boredom areas
  • Map 4 and 5: Reduced global boredom increase
Bug Fixes
  • [Multiplayer] Fixed an issue where DLC settings were reset when the victory conditions get changed inside the lobby
  • Fixed an issue where market manipulation for import routes also affected export routes
  • Fixed busker visitors clipping into the gift box
  • Fixed logging camp and coconut harvester not using nearby trees when relocating their buildings
  • Fixed the busker being able to catch fire
  • Fixed several graphical glitches and crashes
  • Fixed a couple of text localization and display issues
  • Several stability improvements
  • Festival Map 2: Fixed an issue where attacks from axis sometimes don’t happen
  • Festival Map 2: Removed random superpower demands for building a pirate cove
  • Fixed some 2x2 park variations not being able to be built
  • Fixed radius display for Festival ranges under some circumstances (relocation, multiplayer)
  • Fixed several visual glitches in festival maps 2 and 4
Caribbean Skies
  • Fixed issue where mandate time didn’t decrease after winning the game (Caribbean Skies Map 2 and Festival Map 1)
  • Caribbean Skies Mission 2: Fixed Wydham support money triggering even if player had enough money

You can read more about the update here.

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