Tropico 6 Is Now In Open Beta

Take on the role of El Presidente in the Open Beta now!
Take on the role of El Presidente in the Open Beta now! Kalypso Media

In a surprise move from Kalypso Media, Tropica 6 is now in Open Beta. Players can join the beta on any of the available platforms - PC, Xbox One, and PS4 - but only until the beta period ends on March 8.

Tropico has been a pillar in the construction and management simulation genre since the first title launched in 2001. With the release of Tropico 6 close at hand, fans are more excited than ever to see what’s new for the franchise.

The Open Beta features all of the game’s different eras, although the modern era will be limited to tutorial missions only. Tropico 6’s full tutorial has already debuted in the open beta, allowing players to get an overview of the gameplay and features introduced in the latest installment to the franchise. Granted, we don’t really expect that much deviation from previous titles, though new mechanics and game modes might add an interesting twist to the beloved franchise.

Tropico 6 has players once again acting as the island-country’s el presidente. This means you can expect plenty of managing cities, building infrastructure, developing the economy, and more as a benevolent leader, harsh dictator, or a mix of both. Despite having the fate of a nation on your shoulders, Tropico 6 is a fun and enjoyable experience.

Or, you can just sit back, relax, and enjoy the view.
Or, you can just sit back, relax, and enjoy the view. Kalypso Media

Its also worth mentioning that Tropico 6 is the work of a new developer. While previous Tropico titles have been the developed at either Haemimont Games, Feral Interactive, or both, the latest installment to the franchise is the work of Limbic Entertainment. Limbic Entertainment is also the team behind the latest Might & Magic titles, specifically Heroes VI (2011), Heroes VII (2015) and Might & Magic X: Legacy (2014).

Players only have until 6 p.m. EST on Friday, March 8 to get in on the Tropico 6 Open Beta. Will you be trying out Tropico 6 during the open beta phase? If so, let us know what you think about the game so far in the comments section below.

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