Tropico 6 Dabbles into Cryptocurrency with Update 18

Update 18
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The construction, management, and political simulation game Tropico 6 got Update 18 recently. Also known as the Locura Cripto Update, this has been released on all supported platforms.

The Locura Cripto Update for Tropico 6 brings two major features. The first is a new modern building called the Tropocoin Farm, a structure where you will generate Tropocoin - the game’s own cryptocurrency. Tropocoin can be sold for money or Swiss Bank money, but keep in mind that the cryptocurrency market is highly volatile and unpredictable. This means you may or may not earn much when delving into this business.

Locura Cripto Update’s second biggest feature is the new Creative Mode, available for Sandbox games. In this mode, you have the power to enable/disable the following:

  • Unlimited Money
  • Infinite Resources
  • Unlimited Landmarks
  • All blueprints unlocked
  • Unlimited Mandate time
  • Disable elections
  • Disable rebels
  • Disable demands
  • Disable invasions

Take note that earning achievements are disabled when you activate any of the above options.

Below are some of the major improvements and bug fixes in Update 18:

  • New Building: Offshore Wind Turbine
    • Build Offshore Wind Turbines in Tropico’s seas and generate clean, renewable energy. In addition, the Tropican engineers have found a way to use the Offshore Windmills like big fans. Just change the work mode to “Smog Fan” and when placed near shores they will reduce pollution on nearby coastal areas.
  • Added tooltips for Sandbox options.
  • [Soundtrack DLC only] Added DLC Soundtracks from “The Llama of Wall Street,” “Spitter,” “Lobbyistico,” and “Festival” to the Soundtrack List.
  • Fixed Teamsters delivering only small amounts of manure.
  • Fixed Hospital and Ancient Ruins getting the Space Program’s knowledge production bonus.
  • Fixed citizens staying in High School or College forever, after saving while they are in said building.
  • When choosing the Barracks upgrade “Motorized Infantry” the soldiers will now leave the truck during a fight.
  • “State Controlled Media” constitution now works correctly.
  • “The Tropico Papers” edict now affects filthy rich citizens correctly.
  • “Random Blueprint” reward is now grayed out if the player already unlocked all blueprints.
  • Fixed reward newsfeed when a Treasure Hunt raid has finished and the player already has all available blueprints.
  • Fixed Minister of Interior not having any effect when a conservative is hired for the position.
  • Fixed Defense HQ and Drone Command’s required worker education from being affected by the Military Constitution.
  • Fixed that some buildings sometimes did not reveal special citizen roles after loading a saved game.
  • Display Food Happiness more clearly in Almanac so as to not confuse it with Service Quality.
  • Fixed “Garbage Dump” blueprint being unlocked at the start of a map.

Tropico 6 Update 18 is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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