Trivia Royale Takes Top Spot In US App Store As It Reaches 2 Million Users

Breaking records.
Breaking records. Teatime Games

Trivia Royale announced that it has managed to reach more than two million users. This has resulted in the game taking the top spot in the US App Store. If that’s not impressive enough, this milestone was reached just 10 days after the official launch. In addition, more than 10 million matches have been played over the past weekend.

The game is pretty much like a trivia Battle Royale. One main difference is that instead of 100 players going at it, you get to go against 1,000 opponents in a game of knowledge. The goal is to be the last person standing and earn that highly coveted spot in the exclusive “Royale Lounge”.

Developer Teatime Games said in a press release that Trivia Royale is on its way to replicate the success of QuizUp as Trivia Royale displaces app store stalwarts like Instagram and Facebook. The game has even seen itself go viral amongst Tik Tok users, with the app getting its own category and questions within the game.

Unlike other trivia games, Trivia Royale takes social play to new heights. According to Teatime Games, this is mainly due to the “highly customizable avatar system that uses advanced Game Face face-tracking technology to bring the player’s character to life.”

Indeed, in the game players can customize their avatar while also being able to express their unique personality in different ways like changing the hairstyle and adding glasses, hats, headphones, and piercings. Once the player has finished, the Game Face technology then animates the avatar while imitating the head movement of the players along with their facial expressions, all in real time. This brings a new layer of depth and expression to the social experience, the first for any mobile game.

Features of the game include:

  • Compete against 1,000 other players in the world’s biggest trivia tournament.
  • The game is a Battle Royale meets Trivia in a race to be top of the quiz mountain.
  • Reign supreme and win to become a Royale and gain access to the exclusive ‘Royale Lounge’.
  • There are hundreds of thousands of questions available to be answered.
  • More questions added daily across multiple topics.
  • Players get to create their unique avatar and personalize it in different ways.
  • Innovative ‘Game Face’ face-tracking technology brings the avatar fully to life.

The game is available on the App Store with an Android version currently being developed.

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