Train Simulator Classic: Latest Update Improves the Huddersfield Line

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Dovetail Games recently launched a new update for Train Simulator Classic which brought some much-needed improvements to the Huddersfield Line.

Train Simulator Classic is a game that lets you live out your railway fantasy by allowing you to drive realistic locomotives as you traverse the many iconic routes in Europe. If you’ve always wanted to go to the new Leipzig - Riesa route extension using the DB BR 411 ICE T locomotive, now you can!

Anyway, the latest patch updated the Huddersfield line. For instance, an invisible track was added to prevent Manchester Victoria P2 trains from opening on the wrong side.

You’ll find that certain stations were improved as well, including the ones in Deighton, Batley, Mirfield, and Ravensthorpe. Additionally, the company improved the infamous Candle Tower at Leeds, making it more true to life.

Train Simulator Classic’s most recent update also resolved the floating assets found in various areas of the game. The floating clutter and trees in Manchester Victoria, for example, have now been fixed.

Patch Notes

  • Added Localization Fixes
  • Quick Drive fixes - issues with Huddersfield Bay Platform, and AI not going where it's supposed to.
  • Corrections to Class 158 Destinations in Scenarios
  • Added Felix and Bolt to Railfan, Quick Drive, and one scenario.
  • Scenario 06 AI Collision Fixed
  • Updated Manual
  • Added Felix and Bolt as Scenario Only scenery. (Huddersfield Cats)
  • Added Silver Birch Trees around Mirfield
  • Fixed Issues with Super Elevation and jumps
  • Fixed issues with Cable troughs not ending correctly
  • Added Missing disused foot crossing near Greenfield
  • Added Extra GMSR Signs to Leeds
  • Added Representation of Huddersfield Stadium
  • Fixed various distant terrain gaps
  • Added Batley Signal Box and Diggle Junction Signal Box
  • Fixed car stop marker clipping through lamp post at Ravensthorpe
  • Lowered bushes near Marsden
  • Fixed floating hedge near Greenfield
  • Fixed floating fences at Huddersfield
  • Fixed sign display issues at Huddersfield
  • Fixed bushes close to the track at Stalybridge
  • Fixed floating posters at Stalybridge
  • Fixed floating trees near Ardwick Junction
  • Fixing holes in the terrain
  • Added invisible track to block Manchester Victoria P2 trains from opening the wrong side
  • Stray Cable Trough and Clocks over platform numbers at Huddersfield
  • Various fixes to holes in stations Huddersfield, Leeds, Manchester
  • Updating Signal Scripts - UK Repeater
  • Aadded buildings to Holbeck Depot
  • Removed jolts in track around Cottingley
  • Added pedestrian underpass at Heaton Lodge Junction
  • Extended track at Bradley Tunnel for AI purposes
  • Added extra foliage to line through Bradley Tunnel
  • Improved clutter around the Mk1 Coach and Class 144 Coach
  • Improved representation of the mill area at Huddersfield
  • Added GSMR registration code signs at Manchester Victoria, Stalybridge, Huddersfield and Leeds

Train Simulator Classic's latest update is available on PC.

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