Town of Salem 2 Early Access Roadmap Revealed

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Town of Salem 2 was released via early access over the weekend. While it's now possible to play the game, expect some reworks and improvements happening before the full launch.

Today, we're going to look at what's being planned for early access, so let's start with the gameplay. Now, the thing about the game is that it focuses mainly on the living, and when a player dies, they won't have anything else to do. The dev team is currently looking at ways on how the dead can have fun in a non-impactful manner while waiting for the game to end.

The team is also planning to add ways to let players get extra Town Points each day. One of these is through the Cauldron which, when completed, gives out a random cosmetic.

Technical Improvements

Besides gameplay improvements, there are also technical enhancements being worked on:

  • Party System
    • A party system will be added to let players join lobbies together.
    • Players can also start new lobbies together across different game modes.
  • Leavers
    • Once issues that can cause a player to disconnect are addressed, leavers will be managed through a special leaver buster system.
  • Chat and UI Improvements
    • UI and chat make up a large portion of the game.
    • The team plans on improving these two based on player feedback.
  • Host Options
    • Custom game hosts will be allowed to:
      • Change length of phases.
      • Change number of trials.
      • Hide killer roles.
      • Allow anonymous voting.

Ranked System

Another included in the roadmap is the Ranked System. Although this is a good addition, the team revealed that there's much testing required, balancing to implement, and feedback to receive to make sure that it's done right.

To get the much-needed data, a Ranked Practice game is going to be created to let the team experiment.

In Town of Salem 2, the Coven has returned and is now looking for revenge against the town. This new title adds new roles and features and introduces new life to the world of Salem and the social deduction genre as a whole.

Town of Salem 2 is now on Steam and you can enjoy the 10% off introductory offer until June 3.

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