Total War Three Kingdoms: What to Know About the Final Update?

Total War: Three Kingdoms
Total War: Three Kingdoms Creative Assembly

The last patch for Total War: Three Kingdoms is now available and there are many things that you can expect from it.

Since last year, many companies have adopted the work-from-home scheme and this includes the developers over at Creative Assembly. Luckily, this hasn’t stopped them from producing new content for fans.

In a recent video, developers have stated that Patch 1.7.1 will be the final update for the game. The reason is that the story they wanted to tell has already been told and they are now focusing their attention on a new project under the same Total War banner.

Patch Notes

Patch 1.7.1 is massive and include the following changes:

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the issue with Chinese IME leading to losing control of the player’s mouse and keyboard in some versions of Windows 10.
  • Governors can now declare independence or restore the Han after reaching the maximum prestige level.
  • Liu Biao now owns Xiangyang in 200.
  • Fixed crashing issues when zooming in on a besieged settlement.
  • Fixed client crashing after extracting a spy while leading an army.
  • Trade Territory function is fixed and is now working as intended.
  • The issue where Nanman diplomatic options with Han factions not always working correctly has been fixed.
  • Duplicate Black Mountain Hideout buildings have been removed in the 194 campaign.
  • Northern Army veterans are now capped to remain consistent with the Northern Army’s basic units.
  • Fixed the issue where Rice Paddies do not provide the right food production for Bandits.

Battle Fixes

  • The issue of Nanman Units’ faces disappearing during certain angles or lighting has been fixed.
  • Fixed the issue where some settlements were covered with caltrops.

UI Fixes

  • Outdated information about Yuan Shao and Cao Cao on the info overlay has been removed.
  • Fixed the issue where players would receive notifications before the Imperial Intrigue was active.
  • A scroll bar has been added to make sure that the 11 administrator positions fit the user interface correctly.
  • Discredit Faction now only happens under correct circumstances.

The update may be a fitting end to a great game considering the number of issues developers have addressed. But what do you think about this patch?

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