Total War: Three Kingdoms To Release New Chapter With A World Betrayed

The sons take over.
The sons take over. Creative Assembly

Total War: Three Kingdoms is moving the story forward as it's set to release a new Chapter Pack DLC titled A World Betrayed. This DLC officially releases on March 19, with pre-purchase of the new Chapter Pack offering a 10% discount.

In Total War: Three Kingdoms, Chapter Packs offer players new start positions for many of the warlords. It also comes with stories that cover time periods that remain to be linked to the narrative of the main story.

For this Chapter, the story focuses on a new conflict that started with the death of the old generation. In the South, Sun Jian has died. While the son Sun Ce mourns, he has also promised to continue the legacy his father started. Meanwhile, Dong Zhou is dead as well, but unlike Sun Jian, he died at the hands of his adoptive son Lu Bu. These two have big shoes to fill and and are not afraid to prove their worth.

For those who choose to side with Lu Bu, they get to try out two new units, which are the armored shock cavalry known as Flying Riders and the two-handed sword infantry, the Camp Crushers. Meanwhile Sun Ce has two new faction mechanics as well with Legacy of Wu and Reckless Luck.

With this, it means that the Chapter Pack is going to offer two new factions that are going to be led by Sun Ce and Lu Bu. However that's not all that's arriving. There's also the new warlord Tan Baihu. Known to many as the White Tiger Yan, he brings with him new units and buildings.

Aside from the three, there are also 10 warlords returning, giving players access to 13 factions. The 10 others are:

  • Liu Biao
  • Yuan Shu
  • Cao Cao
  • Zheng Jiang
  • Liu Bei
  • Kong Rong
  • Yuan Shao
  • Zhang Yan
  • Ma Teng
  • Gongsun Zan

For those who already played the main game, don't worry as A Betrayed World still brings something new to the table. For the 10 original warlords, they're going to have new starting positions. That means players can expect some new events and even new story missions.

So are you excited yet for this new chapter? Which new character are you siding with?

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