Total War: Three Kingdoms Gets Review Bombed After Releasing Final Update

Total War Three Kingdoms Review
Total War Three Kingdoms Review Creative Assembly

The new content update for Total War: Three Kingdoms was recently released, and while the developers poured their heart and soul into it, the latest patch got the ire of fans instead.

The folks over at Creative Assembly have worked from home in the last couple of months due to the pandemic. This hasn’t stopped them from continually developing the game, though, as they’ve managed to provide a new patch.

Just recently, Patch 1.7.1 was released and it is quite a hefty one. This is because it is the game's last update as per plans.

In a short video, the developers have stated that they are done with the Three Kingdoms storyline and are now moving to new projects.

Just when you think everything is fine and dandy, the game’s Steam page was review-bombed just shortly after the last update went live.

Fan Outrage

The reason why it got so many negative reviews lately is that the supposed story for the Three Kingdoms is not fleshed out.

User “Pennalty” said that aside from not telling the tale of the main kingdoms, they’ve also failed to deliver the Northern expansion that was promised long ago.

Another user added that even after updating the game, they’ve still experienced some technical issues that supposedly got fixed.

The general feeling that you get from reading the recent comments is that the game developers are out of touch with their fanbase.

Sure, it is always appreciated that they create fresh content, but if you build something that does not even tie the entire story together, it is likely to leave a bad impression.

Also, making a promise and not delivering it is a huge blunder on the company’s part. In short, players feel that they were betrayed and that they’ve waited several months for nothing.

The developers have not issued any statement regarding this at the time of writing. Despite getting the review bomb, the game still has pretty positive reviews overall.

What do you think about this fiasco?

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