Torchlight: Infinite Now Has a Convenient Minimap in Blacksail Update

"Blacksail" Season 2 Patch Notes
"Blacksail" Season 2 Patch Notes Twitter/@torchlight_xd

Players will now have an easier time navigating through Torchlight: Infinite, thanks to the new Blacksail Update. That’s because this massive patch brings a plethora of new features and improvements - one of which is the new minimap.

The minimap is a new feature in Torchlight: Infinite that can be displayed permanently on the main screen if the players want to. This is turned on by default on PC, while those on the mobile version can enable it in the settings menu. Players can also tweak the minimap’s transparency so that it won’t be too distracting when moving around the area.

In addition, players who prefer using gamepads will be delighted to know that Torchlight: Infinite now supports Xbox and PS4/PS5 controllers. Those who have some lying around can now utilize them while playing this popular ARPG.

Here are the other new features introduced in the Blacksail Update:

  • [Hero Traits] Added a new Hero Item System
  • [Controllers] Support for adjustment of the sensitivity of the right joystick, swapping of confirm/cancel buttons, and changing of the positions of some buttons.
  • [Events] Added an event to bring back past card pools. The Divine Punishment Apocalypse, Savage Shadows, Abyssal Sin, Ember Matrix, and Falling Stardust card pools will return.
  • [Events] Added 2 new objectives to the Season Challenge event: Reach Lv.100 and defeat the Lord of the Void Sea. The reward will be a corresponding exclusive avatar.
  • [Character Creation] Added a season opening introduction.
  • [Character Creation] Added usable character creation slots.
  • [Shop] Added categories of exchangeable outfit coins.
  • [Shop] Added outfit coin shops in the Shop.
  • [Shop] Added packs that can be claimed for free every day.
  • [Shop] Added many event packs.
  • [Boons] Added card pools that free draws can be made from every day.
  • [Inventory] Added a Recycle feature to the Gear page and swapped the positions of the Identify and Sort buttons.
  • [Items] Added unique icons for all Enhancement Compasses.
  • [Crafting] Added a secondary confirmation window that appears when selecting crafted items to prevent Hunters from missing out on T1 affixes.
  • [Crafting] Hunters will not be able to keep using Empower when Empower is at max Energy.
  • [Trade House] Added a feature to set items with Highlight Prices in the Item screen.
  • [Trade House] Added a reminder that pops up when deleting transaction records.
  • [Trade House] Added Normal and Advanced search options for Hero Relics and Hero Memories.
  • [Settings] It is now possible to adjust the zoom in/out settings of all screens in the Screen settings of the PC version.
  • [Settings] It is now possible to enable/disable the delayed appearance of main screen skill tops in the Screen settings of the PC version.
  • [Settings] It is now possible to adjust the overall volume and background volume playback method in the Sound settings of the PC version.

The full patch notes can be found on the official website.

Torchlight: Infinite Blacksail Update is available on Android, iOS, and PC.

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