Top 5 Casino Games 2021

Top 5 Casino Games 2021
Top 5 Casino Games 2021 Pixabay

If there’s one thing that’s helped casinos maintain their popularity, it’s the vast selection of different games available. While some people have the most fun behind a blackjack or roulette table, others turn to slot machines for amusement.

Although such iconic games are mainstays in the world of casinos, playing habits continue to vary. Whatever your preference, there is a great selection of games to be found online.

Much of the recent change in casino gaming trends is owed to pioneering technological advancements. Timeless classics are now often played with an innovative twist, which is helping to reshape the online casino landscape.

Detailed below are some of the current top games any contemporary online casino player has to try.

Live Table Games

Although most players are perfectly happy with the inescapable differences of playing online, others long for a more authentic experience. Live tables are one of the more recent attempts by online casino sites to bridge the gap between the two.

Rather than having a virtual animation to represent the game, there is a live table with an actual croupier. Live versions can be found of almost all table classics such as blackjack, roulette, poker, baccarat and more.

Additionally, user interactivity is especially encouraged during such games, with the dealer responding to comments made in the chat. Players can also communicate with each other and even leave tips for the dealer.

VR Games

VR games are growing in popularity in the gaming industry, and are another way for sites to create a more authentic online casino experience. Still a novel technology, the capacity of VR as a means of playing casino games is constantly evolving and improving.

A small number of online casinos are VR compatible, offering an experience that any tech enthusiast should try. Many people are eager to try out this new technology and the future of VR seems promising.

Furthermore, as the VR devices themselves become more affordable and widely available, virtual reality casino games will continue to grow in popularity.


With their simplicity and almost universal appeal, slots find themselves entrenched at the top of the list of most played casino games. Slots are mainly popular thanks to their adaptability, with many incarnations having been born from the simple formula.


Blackjack’s popularity rarely wavers due to a number of inherent factors within the game. Firstly, it is decidedly easy to play, allowing even first-time players to quickly get the hang of it.

Furthermore, it is renowned as one of the games that has the highest probability of winning, with the lowest house advantage. With fast paced games that don’t take very long, blackjack is a firm favourite for many online casino players.


Although not as popular as some of the other games listed, poker is still a favourite for many online casino players. Poker is known for its tournaments that exist at almost every level of play, presenting an inviting financial incentive.

Another reason for poker’s popularity is the different forms it can take. Texas or Omaha Hold’em, five-card draw, and seven-card stud are the most played variants that prevent poker becoming repetitive.

Picking A Game

Each to their own is an adage applicable in most aspects of life, and online casino gaming is no different. The distinct rules offered by the many varied casino games appeal to different players and here are some key factors when making your decision.


While some people want to be actively involved in the game, others prefer a more undemanding experience. Slots present the most effortless way to play, usually only requiring a button to be hit.

On the other hand, poker commands almost constant attention, with card counting a useful tool for estimating other players’ hands. Roulette offers the player a range of different ways to place a bet, with some offering a very good return.


For some people, the enjoyment of casino gaming is itself enough of a reward, without a priority on money making. However, others love the thrill presented by the potential to win huge sums, which is something to consider when choosing.

Slots have huge cumulative jackpots which make winning especially financially rewarding. Blackjack will see a player win more frequently, only for decidedly less gains.

Staying Safe Online

Thanks to the internet, we can spend countless hours conveniently doing the things we love. As much as the internet has revolutionised and improved our lives immeasurably, it isn’t without risks.

Safety should be a top priority for both the company and its consumers, and there are a few things to look out for online.

The social aspect is integral to enhancing any gaming experience. Having someone to chat to or the ability to meet new people can really help to scratch our social itch.

However, the anonymity of the internet can be both a blessing and a curse. People online may be disingenuous and lie about their identity for cynical purposes.

Ensure you know your boundaries and be wary of a stranger asking too much of you. Try to locate the report function on the site you are using should any interactions turn uncomfortable.


Although certain casino games will forever be among the most played, casino gaming trends are still subject to slight changes. Technological advancements affect how we interact with different games and are a decisive factor in determining popularity.

With more choice than ever before, it's crucial that players find a game they enjoy and stay safe when playing online.

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