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Rainbow Six Siege Crystal Guard
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Rainbow Six Siege recently received an update that brought the new season, Operation Crystal Guard. The new season added a brand new operator called Osa, who can deploy shields on the attack for vision and cover. The launch of a new season also means tons of bugs, so this update is needed to squash some of them.

One major issue where the mouse cursor remains stuck on the screen has been fixed in the latest update. This issue is very distracting for a first-person shooter game, especially during gunfights. Another fix is for the MMR Rollback pop-ups that appear after completing a match.

Rainbow Six Siege Crystal Guard September 8 Addendum


  • Reinforcing a partially damaged hatch does not destroy the original wooden surface.
  • Revive animation isn't canceled when players fall through a hatch while reviving a teammate.
  • Operator first-person view shifts downwards when players lean right while rappelling.
  • Defenders can exit onto Skyscraper scaffolding without being detected.
  • Players don't receive Kill score if they are eliminated after they DBNO an opponent and a teammate finishes the opponent.
  • Death Replay camera is offset if the player is eliminated by an electrified wall.
  • Health bars of spotted opponents are visible in HUD.
  • Multiple LOD and LOS issues on various maps.
  • Various defuser planting and retrieval issues in specific areas on maps.
  • Exploitable gaps on various maps.
  • Multiple clipping, collision, destruction, and asset issues on various maps.
  • Multiple lighting issues on various maps.
  • Environmental destruction does not occur around indestructible assets.
  • EXT location on Bank map that's normally inaccessible can be accessed by players.
  • Aruni's Surya Gate does not deploy on the door that leads to 1F Tellers' Office on Bank map.
  • Players can navigate onto the top of the fridge on the Bank map.
  • Multiple UI and graphics issues.
  • Various Match Replay issues.
  • Various localization issues.
  • Various voice chat and VFX issues.
  • Various customization and Shop issues.
  • Surrender vote remains active when round ends before the vote expires.
  • Operator icons and player usernames shake when players move around.
  • Tactical map was not updated after release of reworked Bank map.
  • UI elements present during EOR replay do not respond correctly after the player modifies the HUD Display Area.
  • Online ID on PS5 is split into Simplified Chinese.

You can read more about the update here.

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