'Titanfall 2' Titans: 6 Huge Robots Revealed In Latest Trailer

Six new Titans have been revealed for Titanfall 2
Six new Titans have been revealed for Titanfall 2 EA

A new trailer for Titanfall 2 has released, showing off six Titans that players can use. While those who played the beta may be familiar with Ion and Scorch now, four others have been shown, each with unique combat traits.

The first Titan on display is named Legion. This Titan comes with a massive minigun, capable of spraying out bullets like nobody’s business. Legion also has a devastating kill move, spearing an enemy titan with the minigun and lifting it off the ground while firing away.

Next up is Ronin. As you can likely guess by the name, Ronin uses a big sword to chop down enemies. Ronin also comes with a shotgun.

North Star is next, and this Titan looks to change things up with limited flight capabilities. It looks like North Star can hover above the battlefield, shooting down on enemies below. North Star comes with a rocket barrage and a gun that looks like some kind of rifle.

The next two in the trailer are Ion and Scorch, the two Titans from the beta. Ion can use charged up blasts to shoot enemies, while Scorch has a few fire-based attacks, capable of sending shockwaves along the ground.

Last up is Tone. This big guy has a Titan-sized LMG, crazy shoulder-mounted guns and a homing missile barrage attack that looks super awesome in the trailer.

Titanfall 2 comes to PS4, Xbox One and PC on Oct. 28.

So what do you think? Which of these Titans are you most interested in piloting? Did you try out Ion and Scorch in the Titanfall 2 beta? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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