'Titanfall 2' Helmet Locations: How To Find All The Collectibles In Every Mission

One of the helmets from the mission Into The Abyss
One of the helmets from the mission Into The Abyss IGN

Are you a trophy hunter that desperately needs to finish every game to 100 percent? Is the need to collect every single trinket, forcing you to look in every nook and cranny? Fear not, fellow explorer of the virtual unknown, I come bearing the locations of the helmets in Titanfall 2 , which are sure to appease your trophy hunting fix.

Titanfall 2 is the newest game in the “robot shooter” genre and has collectible helmets that can be found throughout the campaign. In total there are 46 and finding each requires a good sense of direction and way too much free time. Seriously, if you plan to spend a full weekend looking under rocks to find helmets without heads in them, you might want to try another hobby. Woodworking can be very fulfilling.

If you want to try and find these helmets anyways, there are a ton of great guides online full to the brim with details. Here’s a 24-minute video that has the locations to all the helmets, created by YouTuber HarryNintetyFour. There’s no commentary on the video, which is great. I think more people need to learn to stop talking over their videos.

Good luck helmet hunting, I hope you get all the Xbox achievements.

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