'Titanfall 2' Developer Reveals Exactly Why The New Game Doesn't Have Custom Titan Loadouts

'Titanfall 2'
'Titanfall 2' has six different Titans with varying abilities instead of letting players choose custom loadouts. In a new post, one of the game's developers revealed the reason for the change. 'Titanfall 2' is available now on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Respawn Entertainment/EA/Origin

Titanfall 2 doesn’t feature custom Titan loadouts like its predecessor, and one Respawn Entertainment developer recently revealed why the feature was scrapped from the sequel. The explanation gets a bit technical, but it’s certainly an interesting read for franchise fans.

In a NeoGAF thread inquiring on that very subject, Argonomic, a verified developer for the studio, offered an explanation. In short, it’s said that “the nature of mixed Pilot/Titan combat incentivizes players to choose loadouts that handle most situations well, rather than to counter player choices as you would in a healthy meta.” In the search for well-rounded success, certain weapons, like xo-16s, cluster missiles and nukes, were being overused in Pilot-Titan modes.

“Over time and experimentation, the new character-style Titan loadout form developed. The inspiration was the Street Fighter games, which have long been a big influence here. The designer that took over the Titans and finished/shipped them was a prominent LOL designer, so obviously that game ended up being a heavy influence as well,” the post continues.

Above all, the source feels that there is “room for improvement” in Titanfall 2’s mechanized warriors despite being “tentatively happy” with the current setup. No future changes were discussed in specific, but the short statement offers a nice window into the mindset of Respawn when creating its latest shooter.

For those unaware, Titanfall 2 features six Titans with varied skills and specialities. Scorch, for example, is often utilized for its close-quarters fiery attacks, while Northstar is more focused on accuracy and flight. In Titan-on-Titan combat, players are essentially forced to adopt different strategies based on the foe they encounter.

Titanfall 2 is available now on Xbox One, PS4 and PC, but it’s currently suffering from lackluster sales compared to its Microsoft-exclusive predecessor. Its close release scheduling to Battlefield 1 has spawned debate from gamers and analysts alike.

What do you think of Titanfall 2’s standardized loadouts? Is it better than having customization? Tell us in the comments section!

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