Timberborn October 20 Update: New City Building Contest and Better Save System

Timberborn October 20 Update
Timberborn October 20 Update Steam

Timberborn recently received a new update that improved the save system and fixed some bugs. The developers are hosting a city-building contest for players who want to appear in the game’s credits scene or just want to play on Helix Mountain.

With the newly improved save system, saves will now be grouped depending on the settlements you are working with. Players will have to enter the settlement's name once they start the new game or load a save file. The best part is that cloud save is finally enabled on Steam, which means players don’t have to worry if they reset their PC without any backup files. Just be sure you've synchronized Steam and Timberborn.

Timberborn October 20 Update

Improved Save System
  • The new saves created at that point and going forward will be stored in a corresponding subfolder located in the Saves folder. The in-game "Load Game" screen lets you browse the saves grouped by settlement as well.
  • The game now uses only three autosave slots per settlement, overwriting older autosaves as needed.
  • The new save files now use a .timber archive format. As a result, files are 5 to 10 times smaller.
  • Existing .json map files are backward compatible but the new maps you create or modify will be saved as .timber files. Map localization on your drive hasn’t changed.
  • The work continues on the new content update. In the meantime, here are some other changes, some of which are totally unrelated to what’s coming.
  • Made visual adjustments to the tree models.
  • While placing down gatherable resources in Map Editor, it is now possible to choose whether they should be in the "ready to gather" state.
  • Made minor text adjustments to how the yield progress is displayed on resources.
  • Made minor visual adjustments to needs status bars.
  • Optimized code related to Monuments, Decorations, and Breeding pods to increase performance in large settlements.
  • Adjusted some tutorial tips so that they lead to fewer beaver casualties.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed severe performance issues related to beaver wandering.
  • Fixed the first drought on Normal difficulty that sometimes was longer than intended.
  • Beavers no longer stop bringing nutrients to Breeding Pods in certain scenarios.
  • Fixed progress bar overflowing in the kits growth progress bar.
  • Fixed Scarecrow’s height restrictions so that it can no longer stick its head through bridges. That was too spooky even for Halloween.

You can read more about the update here.

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