Three Unannounced Remakes/Remasters Coming From GTA Publisher

Red Dead Redemption 2
Red Dead Redemption 2 Rockstar

GTA publisher, Take-Two Interactive, has tons of games in development. At least that’s what was revealed in the 2021 Q1 earnings report. The giant company revealed which games are in development. Most of them have already been announced, including the yearly released NBA and WWE games.

Other than the already announced games, there was an important piece of information that Take-Two tried to get past us. It seems like the publisher has six upcoming versions of games that have already been released. We know about three of them:

  1. GTA Online Standalone version
  2. Kerbal Space Program for current-gen consoles.

The other three games we know nothing about. The section is marked as “New Iteration of Previously Released Titles.” This could mean many things, such as a full-fledged remake, a remaster, or just a basic port for the new consoles.

Q1 2021 Earnings Report
Q1 2021 Earnings Report Take-Two Interactive

Because these three titles are unannounced, there are tons of speculations. Some think that Take-Two has remasters of older GTA games in the works. Others think that it could be just a simple current-gen port of older games like the BioShock franchise.

I personally want a full-fledged remake of Red Dead Redemption (2010). Imagine the original RDR with RDR2 graphics. Making it should also be not that consuming as half the map of the original RDR was already developed in the sequel, only the Mexico part was left out. If not that, then a simple remaster will also suffice. Heck, I just wanna play Red Dead Redemption on PC. Are you listening Take-Two?

This might be the pessimist in me, but the three unannounced titles are likely not that ambitious. One of them could easily be just the current-gen version of Red Dead Redemption 2. Surprisingly, the critically acclaimed title hasn’t received a proper port for it anyway.

Take-Two also claimed in its earnings report that these are the games that are in the development pipeline. But they also mentioned that some might not be fully developed at all. I guess only time will tell.

And one more time, hey Take-Two, bring RDR to PC, will you?

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