Three Hearthstone Grandmasters Ready For World Championship

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Look who's joining.
Look who's joining. Blizzard

Hearthstone announced that the Grandmasters 2020 Season 1 is coming to an end and three players are on their way to the World Championship, which is scheduled for later this year. Season 1 started way back in April and ended just last Sunday, on June 7.

With the ongoing pandemic, Season 1 had a structure where players competed in best-of five matches in different formats and from the comfort of their homes. Another change is that three players were relegated for each season instead of two in the prior year. Today we take a look at these three Grandmasters.

The first is none other Brian “bloodyface” Eason of the Americas. Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, this Grandmaster only had one loss in the Season, earning the top standing entering the Playoffs. He managed to beat David “justsaiyan” Shan before taking on Grandmaster Guillermo “Empanizado” Tolosa in the Semifinals. This resulted in bloodyface going against Eddie “Eddie” Lui in the Finals where he eventually came out victorious with a 3-1 score. This should give him another shot at the Hall of Championship, one that he lost after falling to Li “Liooon” Xiomeng during the 2019 Global Finals.

Moving to Europe, we have Vladislav “SilverName” Sinotv, who despite losing to Joffrey “Swidz” Cunat, managed to fight his way and get a spot at the World Championships. SilverName managed to win against Dima “Rdu” Radu in order to earn a spot in the Seminfinals. After that, there was no stopping him. He managed to get a swift 3-0 victory against George “BoarControl” Webb in the Semifinals. Then it was another 3-0 win against Raphael “Bunnyhoppor” Peltzer to take the Season 1 championship.

Finally, we go to the Asia-Pacific region and take a look at what Sato “glory” Kenta went through. He entered the Semifinals by getting the top spot for Group A. In the Semis, he faced off against Yashina “Alutemu” Nuzumi where the game went the distance and glory eventually moved to the Finals with a 3-2 win. In the finals it was against Kim “Surrender” Jung-soo. The fight would go back and forth before glory took Game 5 with a 3-2 victory and claimed the championship.

Season 2 begins on August 12 and ends on October 11. If you think that’s too far off, the Masters Tour Online: Jonkoping starts tomorrow. Read more about that here.

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