THQ Nordic Announces Multiple Destroy All Humans Collector's Editions

Ich will eins, aber es ist verdammt teuer.
Two very special editions of Destroy All Humans! have been announced.
Two very special editions of Destroy All Humans! have been announced. THQ Nordic

We’re still quite some ways away from the highly anticipated remake of Destroy All Humans! by THQ Nordic, but ever since its official announcement in the days leading up to E3 2019 there has been considerable buzz surrounding it. It’s not surprising, as the game’s original release was quite the hit for the PlayStation 2 and the Xbox. It was only a matter of time when it fell on the radar of THQ Nordic, who is best known right now for taking somewhat forgotten franchises and remaking them to be enjoyed once again.

In typical fashion for the publisher, THQ Nordic has released information regarding the special editions of Destroy All Humans!, all of which are now available for pre-ordering at the game’s official website here. The two special editions are quite extravagant, but they do live up to that ‘special’ name. Check them both out below, along with their trailers.

The first one is called the DNA Collector’s Edition, and it will cost you $149.99. It includes a copy of Destroy All Humans! for the platform of your choosing, a special Crypto’N’Cow figurine standing at approximately nine inches tall, a Crypto keychain, six lithographs, a Crypto eye-popping anti-stress toy and all in-game Crypto skins. The whole package comes in a premium 35cm x 30cm x 30cm box.

The other one is a bit more expensive, but the novelties that come with it may be extremely worth it to some people. Called the Crypto 137 Edition, this will run you for $399.99 and includes everything that comes with the DNA Collector’s Edition minus the Crypto’N’Cow figurine. Instead you get a 12-inch tall figurine of Crypto-137, posing with the world in the palm of his hand. It also comes with a freakish-looking Crypto backpack that looks like he’s riding on your back. The whole package comes in a much bigger premium box, measuring at 90cm x 38cm x 37cm.

While pre-orders are now available for all these editions, there’s still no word on when Destroy All Humans! will launch. Expect it to be some time in 2020.

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