Thief Simulator VR Patch Notes: New Climbing Mechanic, Tutorials Added

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GameBoom VR, the developer of Thief Simulator VR, has released a new update that brings in a ton of new changes and bug fixes. There is a new tutorial for the VR mode which helps you figure out how to play more thouroughly, and new climbing mechanic which are pretty fun.

Some of the bug fixes include a brick wall graphics glitch along with teleporting issues on stairs and in parking areas. Another issue where you would teleport while grabbing onto a window was also fixed in the latest patch.

Thief Simulator VR July 31 Patch Notes

You can find the patch notes below:


  • New Tutorial!
  • Seated mode!
  • New climbing mechanic!
  • Wind!
  • New trees that do not cause motion-sickness
  • Anisotropic filtering is forced on for medium, high, and very high graphic quality
  • New information about neighborhoods’ alarm level
  • Improved street lights
  • You can travel between neighborhoods without going back to your hideout or pawn shop
  • You can adjust LOD level in menu settings now
  • Smooth speeding up walking when using stick
  • Increased default objects' LOD distance value
  • Quickslot mechanic improved
  • It's now easier to spot people through window
  • It’s easier to put an item to a quickslot
  • Little performance improvement


  • Crowbar stuck in a window
  • Window teleports with you if you’re grabbing it
  • Wrong wheel position after crash (in which car flies in the air and rotates) with selected lock roll option
  • Wrong gate and camera position at St. Richie
  • Going through some windows moves player back
  • Player is moved up when opening shelves and other furnitures
  • Wrong player position after leaving the VAN car
  • Brick wall graphic glitch
  • You can take a flashlight from you head but keep the light from your head
  • Fence near 201 house has too big collider
  • Disassembly jewelry minigame position in the new hideout
  • Can't teleport on stairs
  • Can't teleport on parking area
  • Hard to teleport to some places
  • Window teleports with a player if he's grabbing it
  • Add teleport blocker to some windows to prevent from teleporting through them
  • NPCs' cars don't have engine sound
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