Thief Simulator VR Patch Notes Include New Weather System, Bug Fixes, And More

Thief Simulator VR update
Thief Simulator VR update steam

GameBoom VR, the developer of Thief Simulator VR, just released a new update that implements a weather system, which the player can enable. The weather system cycles between fog and rain, which makes Thief Simulator VR look better. Multiple bugs such as a flying switch in house 101 and house 208 disappearing were fixed in the latest update.

Thief Simulator VR Patch Notes

You can find the patch notes below:


  • Weather system!
  • PC table automatically adjusts to the player’s height!
  • Achievement ‘Break 10 dishes’ is accomplished after breaking 10 plates (instead of breaking 10 plate SETS
  • Achievement ‘Free man’ is accomplished after our hideout explode


  • Blackbay fix
  • Selling blue car parts
  • Burning trees
  • Parking area near 202 is above ground
  • Money and items don’t move with drawers
  • Dollar sign above PC
  • Anti-burglary blinds graphics glitch in house 102
  • House 101 NPC glitch
  • Flying switch in house 101
  • House 208 disappears
  • Wicket near house 104 disappears
  • Shadows disappear near factory
  • Unexpected police chases
  • One hand stays on a wheel sometimes after leaving a car
  • Tutorial fixes
  • Poor houses graphics glitch
  • Small holes in some houses
  • Furnitures’ textures glitch
  • Doubled door in haunted house
  • Markers ‘stick’ to the vision when using binoculars
  • Security panel position fix
  • Missing collider near factory
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