Tetris Celebrates 35th Anniversary, Releases New Logo

Tetris New Logo
Tetris New Logo Tetris

One of the world's best puzzle games reached another milestone. Tetris is celebrating its 35th anniversary on June 6, also known as World Tetris Day.

It was back in 1984 when Alexey Pajitnov created the first version of Tetris. Pajitnov worked at the Soviet Academy of Sciences and was responsible for testing the capability of new hardware. To do this, he usually used games, and it was here that Tetris would have its beginnings.

Since then, the game has been downloaded at least 500 million times on mobile devices along with hundreds of millions of products sold across 200 countries on 50 platforms.

In celebration of its 35th year, a new Tetris logo was unveiled. This new logo was designed in such a way that it gave the brand a more dynamic look in addition to giving it a fresh and modern appeal. It also continues to honor the core look that has made the game recognized around the world.

Tetris also revealed that it typically introduces new games and products to the market in order to increase the enjoyment of fans as well as ensuring that the Tetris ecosystem continues to grow. The recent additions include:

  • As a result of a collaboration between Tetris and Sanrio, fans can now play a special Tetris game featuring the beloved Sanrio characters for free. This version can be accessed here.
  • Fashion forward apparel and beauty products from ipsy, Sock It to Me, KangaCare, PEACEBIRD and GXG.
  • New full-size arcade from AtGames Digital Media Inc. and mini arcade systems from Super Impulse featuring Tetris games.
  • Red Bull Mind Gamers and Tetris, which partnered earlier this year in a special contest for game developers, will reveal their next collaboration in the coming weeks.

Currently the sole agent for the Tetris Brand remains to be Blue Planet Software. Talking about the anniversary, Blue Planet President and CEO Maya Rogers said in a press release that Tetris remains popular around the world even today, and they are happy to be able to share this extraordinary moment with everyone. She added that it has "been 35 years since Tetris first debuted, and just like the game’s colorful Tetriminos and Line Clearing gameplay, what also remains the same is that people simply love Tetris."

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