Temtem Version 1.0 Features Trailer Unveiled, Early Access Exit Set for September 6

The Pokémon-inspired title will finally exit Early Access.
temtem version 1.0
A new trailer for Temtem has been unveiled, showing some of the features that will be coming for the game as it exits Early Access this September 6. Humble Games

Publisher Humble Games and developer Crema have unveiled a “Version 1.0 Features” trailer for Temtem, the monster-capturing, creature collector game currently available in early access on PlayStation 5 and PC via Steam and the Humble Store. The early access exit release date is all set for September 6, and the game will additionally be released on Xbox Series and Nintendo Switch on the same date. The exit will bring a ton of changes to the already two-year-old title, including the completion of its many aspects. Check out the new trailer for Temtem below.

The new trailer showed off new features such as a Tamer’s Paradise, a hub of sorts for Temtem players, and a new currency called Feathers. Besides these, the Crema team also teased numerous changes to various aspects of Temtem that players will see once version 1.0 drops.

In a series of blog posts, the studio listed many changes including campaign progression, tweaks to the Luma economy, Temtem Showdown and the competitive scene, Ranked v2, the introduction of a dedicated balance team, developer-run tournaments, purchasable cosmetics, the new Nova currency, a Tamer Pass, and a premium store. There will be several quality-of-life and balancing changes coming with Version 1.0, although the developers did not explain them in detail.

Temtem was first released on PC on January 21, 2020, followed by PlayStation 5 on December 8, 2020. It was very notable during its release as it came at a time when Pokémon Sword and Shield, the latest release in the ever-popular franchise, was facing significant backlash due to its perceived lack of quality. Temtem also came to fill a niche that's popular even outside of Nintendo consoles, garnering a significant following on Steam, thanks to its online multiplayer capabilities and less expensive nature. In its first month on PC, Temtem sold over 500,00 units, a very good number considering that it is an independent game from a relatively unknown studio. Since then, the game has been regularly updated with new content and various changes inspired by the community, culminating in a September 6 Version 1.0 release.

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