Temtem Gets More Exciting with Three New Challenge Modes in Patch 1.3

Patch 1.3
Patch 1.3 Twitter/@PlayTemtem

Developer Crema Games has made the taming game Temtem fun and exciting with new challenge modes, courtesy of Patch 1.3. This massive update is now available on all supported platforms.

What Are Challenge Modes?

Before anything, Challenge Modes in Temtem are game modes that provide difficult challenges for you to overcome. That said, three new Challenge Modes have been added to the game, including Nuzlocke, Randomlocke, and Speed Run.

Nuzlocke aims to provide you with a hardcore Temtem experience. In this challenge mode, you can only catch the first two Temtem you see per route. Any Tems that faint during your run will be released after battle. What’s more, captured Tems won’t have any fertility left, meaning you can’t breed more Tems to have a buffer. In other words, you lose the entire run if all of your Tems are knocked out.

Nuzlocke Challenge Mode
Nuzlocke Challenge Mode Crema Games

Randomlocke is quite similar to Nuzlocke, except that everything that can be randomized is randomized, including the Temtem that you can capture, techniques, items, NPC squads, and untamed encounters. However, Temtem species, stats, traits, and gears will remain the same due to technical reasons.

Randomlocke Challenge Mode
Randomlocke Challenge Mode Crema Games

And lastly, the objective of Speedrun Mode is simple: clear the game as quickly as you can. There are two sets of timers visible at all times - one for each island and another one that counts as a general timer. The timers will start as soon as you begin your run. Loading times won’t be counted and the game skips anything that can be skipped. The real challenge in this mode is the battles that you’ll encounter during the entire campaign.

Speedrun Challenge Mode
Speedrun Challenge Mode Crema Games

So, what’s the prize for beating the game before the time goal? You’ll receive some sweet loot for your main save slot. Not only that but you’ll also be given the appropriate Kudos for completing any or all of the challenge modes mentioned above.

Here is more information about Challenge Modes:

  • You will be able to start a Challenge mode once you’ve completed the campaign story, or by unlocking it anytime through a very well-known video game code (use your left thumbstick!). You can only have one Challenge run at a time, but you can end one and start the next with no restrictions. You will always start from zero.
  • The Challenge Mode runs have their own server, and a different save slot between the three of them. You’ll interact with other people attempting a Challenge run, including being able to co-op. This effectively means you’ll be able to have both your normal save and usual account, and a challenge save with a Challenge run at the same time.
  • You cannot trade during a Challenge run. You won’t be able to earn Tamer Pass experience during a Challenge run, due to technical limitations. You can PvP during a Challenge run, and your Tems won’t die, so you can safely enjoy it still. Saipark will exist and be open, but only the resident Tems will ever appear.

Temtem Patch 1.3 is available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC

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