Tarantino Star Trek Script Is Being Worked On

William Shatner Open To Star
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It looks like a Tarantino-directed Star Trek film could be in the works. It's obviously not a conventional pairing, but honestly, Star Trek hasn’t been Star Trek for a while now anyway, so what the hell—who doesn’t want to see Tarantino in SPACE?

Star Trek: Beyond, which is far and away my favorite of the Abrams soft boots, did not perform well at the box office despite receiving praise from critics. Since then, CBS put the film series on ice, with rumors here and there that suggested it'll get picked back up—in December, Quentin Tarantino pitched a Star Trek movie to the studio and now, according to Deadline, a script undergoes development based on that pitch.

It looks like this project might have some serious heat because William Shatner, the original Captain Kirk and now the guy from the Priceline commercials, just threw his hat in the ring. That’s right, old Kirk says he’d star in the film provided the script is to his liking. You hear that Tarantino? You write a good script and T.J. Hooker is down!  

When asked, here’s what Kirk had to say to Cinema Blend: "Depends on the script but if it was good then absolutely. Why not?"

There's no word on what the story is going to be about just yet. Initially, assuming Star Trek: Beyond performed well, a fourth Star Trek was going to see Kirk meet his father, with Chris Hemsworth playing the role. I’d have to imagine that if Tarantino's film gets made, and even if it does take place in the USS Kelvin timeline, the characters and plot are going to be fairly removed from anything resembling it.

We'll have to see. Stay tuned for more details.

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