Taimumari: Complete Edition Arrives On The Switch This Week

Taimumari: Complete Edition now on Switch.
Taimumari: Complete Edition now on Switch. TERNOX

Taimumari: Complete Edition, a retro-style platform game, is set to be available to the Nintendo Switch this August 9. This version comes with updated sprites and other improvements. In keeping with the best traditions from the games of our childhood, players are promised intense action gameplay that they won’t be able to put down.

The game is set in a fantasy world named Zaria, which exists somewhere high up in the sky. The people of Zaria were responsible for keeping watch of the flow of time. Unfortunately, an ancient crystal fell into the hands of evil and the flow of time became distorted. The High Keeperess Kanashimi sends the young female wizard Himari on the quest to find who stole the crystal.

In Taimumari, players take control of Himari and go on a challenging adventure across various ages to find the five keepers, reclaim the power, and restore balance in time throughout the whole world. As you play the game, you need to answer a number of questions as well as solve the mysteries of the world of Zaria, including its origin, the reason for its existence, and even uncovering why people don’t try to figure out the fantasy world’s origin.

Some of the key features of Taimumari: Complete Edition include the following:

  • Various levels
  • Multiple abilities to learn
  • Hardcore action gameplay, which won't leave you bored
  • Control of time and space
  • All villains are people just like you: learn what's the reason behind them turning into their current state, or just fight them without further ado
  • Character leveling system
  • Three difficulty levels
  • Secret stuff and Easter eggs

The single-player platforming game will be available for download at around $15 on the Nintendo eShop. Taimumari can be enjoyed in handheld mode, tabletop mode, or TV mode.

Taimumari: Complete Edition first appeared on Steam back in 2015, with the PC version receiving an update along with the Switch release, slated for August 9. Weekly discounts on the other games in the Taimumari franchise, specifically the Legend of Himari and IN-VERT, are also something to look forward to.

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