Quench Gets An Announcement Trailer, Set To Release For PC And Switch Next Week

The narrative puzzle game allows you to control weather.
Axon Interactive announces an August 7 release date for Quench.
Axon Interactive announces an August 7 release date for Quench. Axon Interactive

An upcoming narrative puzzle game by indie developer Axon Interactive has just received a release date. Titled Quench, the game will come to PC via Steam and itch.io and the Nintendo Switch on August 7.

Quench is narrative driven puzzle game with a soft spot for nature. In the game, you will play as a crane named Shepherd who is imbued with magical powers that can control the weather to guide herds of animals on a perilous journey.

The gameplay mainly revolves around shaping the terrain to your will so that you can move your herd forward, such as summoning rain to quench fires and calm spirits, creating gusts of wind to hurry your herd and confuse attackers, quaking the earth to open chasms and fountains, and striking lightning to start fires and obliterate foes.

Quench is planned to have 28 handmade levels, each with unique objectives that will help you keep your herd safe and require you use each of your magical powers. The first major objective is Shepherd, which requires you to assist one or more animal herds to make their way to a safe zone by clearing paths from obstacles. Next is Shelter, which asks you to keep your herds alive in stationary locations by defending them from spirits and diverting natural disasters. The third one is Restore, which requires you to revive a natural feature like an Elder Tree, or even an entire region. Finally, one mission objective is Force of Nature, which requires you to suppress all danger or survive for a limited amount of time.

The challenge that Quench poses is in its different herds. Each animal herd has different behaviors that you need to adapt to. For example, Lions are strong and proud animals that will attack any enemy that may threaten the group. This may seem like an advantage, but it may also set you back depending on the goal for the specific level you are in.

For those who are interested in a chill, narrative driven puzzle game, Quench is available to be wishlisted on PC or Mac via Steam. Digital copies on itch.io and the Nintendo eShop for the Switch will come on August 7.

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