T3 Arena: Pre-Registrations Now Open

Time for some 3v3.
Time for some 3v3. TapTap

A new 3v3 multiplayer shooter is set to arrive on the mobile platform. T3 Arena has players choose from one of several unique heroes and fight in different game modes. An early access launch is scheduled for Android on March 17. For iOS, it’s going to be on May 26.

For those interested, pre-registrations are now open and you can do it here.

T3 Arena has heroes from around the world come together and fight for fame and fortune. There’s Labula who is an adorable alien that’s all about short-range attacks. There’s also Ossas, a sniper who prefers a more distanced approach when fighting. Overall, many characters can fit every playstyle.

For players, as they rise through the ranks, they get to unlock more heroes. Meanwhile, the characters themselves can also level up to learn new and unique skills.

There are different types of game modes for everyone to enjoy. For example, there’s the usual Team Deathmatch. Players can also look forward to competing in the Crystal Assault mode. In this one, teams need to work together to prevent their respective crystals from shattering. Regardless of what game mode players decide to try, weapons automatically aim and fire. This makes the matches more relaxing compared to other games in the same genre. However, it also makes sure that the game remains competitive.

Players who are new to shooter games need not worry. That’s because they can practice and perfect their skills before taking on human opponents. They can do this by fighting against AI-controlled enemies offline. There’s no question that this is a good way to be more familiar with the controls and even experiment with different skills.

Features of the game include:

  • 3-minute rounds for fast-paced fun.
  • Collect different heroes and level them up to unlock unique skills.
  • Auto-firing weapons for relaxing but competitive matches.
  • Play solo or team up in voice chat for even stronger cooperation.

What do you think? Does it have a chance with the other multiplayer shooter games already out in the market?

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