Surviving the Aftermath: New Achievements Added in Latest Update

New Alliances Expansion
New Alliances Expansion Steam

The latest patch for Surviving the Aftermath: New Alliances is now available on PC. This update might make the completionists happy as it adds 11 new achievements to the game.

There are five new achievements for the base game and another six for those who own the New Alliances expansion. One of the most notable new achievements is “Doomsday is Canceled,” which requires players to complete the Doomsday Bunker Project.

The Doomsday Bunker is the ultimate goal in Surviving the Aftermath and it can be completed by finishing the main questline. This structure is capable of protecting the colony against most catastrophes.

The latest update also implements a lot of improvements. For instance, the performance of the build menu has improved dramatically. Besides that, it is now possible to overwrite a save just by double-clicking on an existing one.

Here are the other changes:

Base Game
  • Choo-choo!: Escape the harsh winter by fixing the train in Cold Rush.
  • Finnished: Survive in the Endless Winter scenario for 100 days.
  • Tailored to Fit: Survive until day 100 in a custom game.
  • Customized calamities: Secret!
New Alliances DLC
  • Undercover: Complete all four covert mission types.
  • Best friends forever: Ally with a society.
  • Binary world view: Secret!
  • Diplomatic quarter: Have four embassies built at the same time.
  • Dynamic Duo: Secret!
  • Federation forever: Form the federation.
  • Replaced the “trade offers available” text in the society menu with “trade unavailable” when there aren't enough workers in a Trade Center.
  • Fixed an issue that caused up and down navigation to be inverted on a controller in the request board.
  • Fixed an issue that caused NPC animations to freeze in combat upon selecting a specialist.
  • Reduced silver from scavenging locations.
  • Increased New Alliance tech costs.
  • Requests and Reputation:
    • Patrol and Teach loan request sector triggers lowered.
    • Lowered individual request type cooldowns across the board.
    • Increased rival rep gains from failed requests (by quite some margin).
    • Decreased the cooldown to spawn new requests.
    • Increased Rival reputation gains from failed requests across the board.
    • Altered request rewards to less silver and more other resources.
    • Reduced combat and loan requests slightly, and increased build requests slightly (via cooldowns).
    • Reduced timeouts on almost all requests, so there’s less time completing them (esp. loans).
  • Covert Missions (Player)
    • Increased damage specialists take from failed covert missions.
    • Increased covert mission duration for theft and steal research mission types.
    • Reduced archetype bonus in covert missions from 85% to 75%.
    • Reduced base covert mission success chance from 60% to 55%.
    • Increased duration a specialist spends on a loan request.

The full patch notes can be found on Steam.

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